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The LIFE of an eCommerce Order

The LIFE of an eCommerce Order Credit card is authorized Managing inventory is actually a very sophisticated process. For example, the following formula helps calculate an optimal order quantity in a finite replenishment situation. Order confirmation Online retail sales in the U.S. are projected to surpass $200 billion The fulfillment industry standard for inventory accuracy is 99.8% eCommerce is big business and only continuing to grow. We all know START 2x RCx D Qo=. the drill. You visit a website, select the product or information you need, in 2012 х Logs on to eCommerce site (via computer, phone, tablet) check out, and before you know it, the order is in your hands. But how НС P-D Fulfillment center sorts and prepares orders for processing does that happen? What actually goes on from the time you click Accurately managing inventory is critical to the fulfillment process. Place order > "submit" to the time you receive the order? This infographic provides an overview of the behind the scenes processes that make it all happen as well as some interesting eCommerce related facts. Customer Global eCommerce is growing Whether it's a consumer purchasing a product or a company ordering Mobile commerce is expected by more than $93 to grow $21 billion in the next four years point of sale materials to support their business, it takes extraordinary Inventory is checked The fulfillment industry standard for order accuracy is 99.9% coordination and flawless execution to make it all seem so simple... billion every year Budco Items are picked/packed, quality checked, and labeled with shipping bar code During the busiest shipping seasons, there are more than 300 packages delivered per second by more than 170,000 delivery vehides. The eCommerce site and order management platform are updated with the dellivery status The package is scanned and signed On the busiest delivery day of the year, the largest carriers are delivering close to 26 million specifications on packages The fulfillment industry standard for order turnaround time is 100% in 24-48 hours Package is loaded Order is handed off to transportation carrier. Package is scanned for as delivered. onto truck via If the package is traveling less than 200 miles, it is loaded onto a truck the new label and is sent out On the busiest tracking day of the year, more than S8 million online requests are processed for delivery Credit card is charged for order The two largest shipping hubs sort between 400,000 and 500,000 packages per hou LOCAL/REGIONAL FACILITY LOCAL/REGIONAL FACILITY Package is scanned and re-labeled. Label determines which eCommerce site is updated with tracking info Package is scanned truck and which place on which shelf SORTING CONVEYOR SYSTEM CENTRAL HUB Package is placed on the hub's conveyor system and travels up to 300 miles in just 15 minutes before arriving at the final sort Package is scanned Packages are loaded onto a plane Packages are sorted by local/regional area If the package is traveling more than 200 miles, it is loaded onto a plane RESEARCH SOURCES UPS, FedEx,, F. Curtis Barry & Co., Goldman Sachs and Forrester Research Inc. Shippinglon confirmation

The LIFE of an eCommerce Order

shared by Budco on Nov 12
A large increase in global eCommerce sales has also increased the importance of having an innovative, end-to-end fulfillment process in place. Our latest infographic provides important insight into th...


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