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The Leadership Trust Gap

The Leadership Trust Gap Employee Boss Does your boss apologize? 5% 49% She always does I always do 14% 38% She often does I often do 2% I rarely or 50% She rarely or never does never do Why are bosses reluctant to apologize? 51% said they would look incompetent 18% said they would look weak. 18% said it is "not necessary." 7% said "I'm the boss, I shouldn't have to" 6% said it depends on the situation. Not taking responsibility for their mistakes at work has a direct correlation to how much employees trust their bosses. While both bosses and employees agree that trust is important, trust in the workplace has eroded in recent years. Employee Boss Do Employees Trust Their Boss? Compared to The Past 69% 74% More Important now for me to trust my boss More important now for my employees to trust me 34% 43% I trust my My employees manager trust me less now less now 91% It's highly important to have a boss employees can trust 48% Employee trust links directly to employee engagement and how much extra effort employees are willing to exert at work The 8% of employ- ees who trust their managers to a "very great extent" are also the most engaged group of workers The 67% of employ- ees who trust their managers "to a great or moderate extent" were the second most The 20% of the em- engaged group. ployees who trust their managers to "some extent" were the third most engaged group and rated their willingness to exert extra effort at The 5% of employees who do not trust their managers at all, work to "some were also not at all extent." engaged at work. Engagement Inconsistency Gossiping Lack of clarity and direction Betraying Confidences Badmouthing Poor Communication Lying How Bosses Erode Trust Favorites Doesn't listen Bullying Not following through No recognition Not walking the talk Taking credit for other people's ideas Unsupportive Repairing Trust: The three most important actions that leaders and employees agree can build trust Listening to employees and understanding their concerns. Walking the talk, following through on commitments. Encouraging employees to offers ideas and suggestions. Forum Strategy. Accelerated. Trust

The Leadership Trust Gap

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