Lead Lifecycle Analytics Dashboard

LEAD LIFECYCLE ANALYTICS DASHBOARD Lead Lifecycle Optimization Using metrics to optimize customer engagement across all stages of a customers journey with your company – from Inquiry, to Lead, to Prospect, to Customer. Customer Lifecycle Stages: • Buying Cycle Sales Cycle • Customer Service Goals: • Maximize revenue • Personalize engagement for buyer needs • Identify bottlenecks & opportunities Automating the Lead Lifecycle: Respondents Measuring All Metrics MARKETING CRM SPREADSHEET 100% are Top Performers AUTOMATION XLS 6% 43% 87% 54% Use by Top Performers Spend Per Channel # Inquires per Channel # of Inquiries # of Marketing Qualified Leads {MOL} # of Sales Qualified Leads {SOL} Average Deal Size Ratio of Inquiry to MOL Cost per MOL # of Sales Accepted Leads {SAL} Ratio of MOL to SAL Ratio of SQL to Close # SOL Not Ready to Purchase Revenue from Cross-Selling Revenue from Up-Selling Ratio of SAL to SOL Sales Cycle Time MARKETING & SALES ALIGNMENT MARKETING SUCCSS SALES SUCCESS CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT -METRICS TO OPTIMIZE THE LEAD LIFECYCLE- Does marketing engagement help qualify opportunities? Quality over quantity. Is sales engaging How successful is sales at closing qualified opportunities? Are marketing and sales efforts being applied to existing real short term customers? opportunities? MARKETING SUCCCESS METRICS SPEND PER CHANNEL TOTAL # OF INQUIRIES RATIO OF INQUIRY TO MQL Estimate total inquires (for all trackable channels). USE OF METRIC: TP: 79% EE: 85% Track spend per channel if possible. = TOTAL MQLS / TOTAL # OF INQUIRIES USE OF METRIC: USE OF METRIC: TP": 76% EE": 45% TP: 68% EE: 26% # OF INQUIRIES PER CHANNEL # OF MARKETING QUALIFIED LEADS Buying intent unknown. Usually first time touch > Not considered a lead yet. USE OF METRIC: (MQL) Qualified through marketing engagement, ready for sales handoff. USE OF METRIC: TP: 71% MOLS are now leads that are ready to be engaged by sales, but Sales needs to acceptor validate that they are educated.. TP: 42% EE: 19% EE: 32% MARKETING & SALES ALIGNMENT METRICS COST PER MQL COST PER SALES ACCEPTED LEAD RATIO OF MQL TO SAL Total marketing spend / Total # of Marketing + Sales spend / Total # of SALS = TOTAL MQLS/ TOTAL # OF INQUIRIES MQLS. USE OF METRIC: TP: 35% EE: 5% USE OF METRIC: USE OF METRIC: TP: 20% EE: 0% TP: 31% EE: 16% TOTAL # OF SALES ACCEPTED LEADS TOTAL # OF SALES QUALIFIED LEADS [SAL) Sales validates the lead is qualified and begins engagement. USE OF METRIC: TP: 38% [SQLJ The lead is validated as an opportunity and enters the pipeline. USE OF METRIC: TP: 85% If sales is not burdened with lead qualification but rather lead validation, the pipeline is more predictable to measure. EE: 4% EE: 89% SALES SUCCESS METRICS LIFECYCLE REVENUE METRICS RATIO OF SQL TO CLOSED DEAL SALES CYCLE TIME # OF SQL NOT READY TO PURCHASE # of Closed Deals / Total # of Sales Qualified Leads USE OF METRIC: TP: 38% Length of time it takes for the average SAL to convert to a closed sale. USE OF METRIC: # of qualified leads sent back to Marketing for further nurturing USE OF METRIC: TP: 7% TP: 42% EE: 0% EE: 65% EE: 12% AVERAGE DEAL SIZE CROSS-SELLING & UP-SELLING REVENUE Revenue growth/decline from cross- selling and up-selling. Total # of Closed Sales / Total Revenue from Closed Sales USE OF METRIC: USE OF METRIC: TP:92% TP: 27% EE: 11% EE: 85% * TP = Top Performers (Organizations achieving superior performance in revenue and lead conversion. * EE = Everyone Else (All other organizations, excluding Top Performers). Gleanster COMPLIMENTS OF: OGleanster 2012 act|on Act-On's fresh and creative approach offers marketers a unique alternative to needlessly complex marketing automation software, without sacrificing any functionality. SOURCES: Gleanster Marketing Automation Survey 2011 (n= 378) Gleanster Lead Prioritization Survey 2011 (n= 224)

Lead Lifecycle Analytics Dashboard

shared by AnnaSocial on Apr 25
Why is the lead lifecycle so important? Because, successful lead generation relies on your ability to address the different stages of the lead lifecycle based on the unique wants, needs and situations...


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