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Lead Generation Survey

LEAD GENERATION SURVEY 2012 SURVEY TO 175 MD's & MARKETING DECISION MAKERS MM MM: Does your organisation YES currently have a lead generation strategy in place? 61% NO 39% Do you believe you are using lead generation in the most effective way for your organisation? No 55% Yes 45% Which of the following terms do you use to define lead generation? El 75% 50% 25% 0% What avenues do you currently use for lead generation? Website...77% TELESALES EMAIL NATURAL WERNARS MARKETING PRID Email Marketing...64% DIRECT MARKET Events...57% Social media..53% TELESALES WHITEPAPERS WEBINARS Direct Marketing...49% EVENTS Natural Search...35% VIRAL AFTIEIAIE Telesales...34% FOCIAL GUIDES Paid Search...18% MARKETING Whitepapers & Guides...17% TELESALES WHITEPAPERS PAID CVEVTS EMAIL Affiliate Marketing...17% Video...14% TELESALES Webinars...14% Viral Marketing...9% Other...6% Which avenues would you say are the most effective in terms of driving high value leads? Events... 46% Direct Marketing... 40% Email Marketing... 39% Offers and Incentives... 28% Discounts and Special Offers... 19% Promotional Marketing Collateral... 17% Product Trials... 14% Webinars... 11% Whitepapers, guides and eBooks... 10% Other... 8% Interactive Tools... 5% Surveys... 3% A4201 AS204 Email Marketing Webinars St Georges n The Social Y Whitepapers, Guides and eBooks Product Trials A4201 Discounts and Special Offers surveys Events hn Lewis Promotional Marketing Collateral Ortord How quickly do you follow up your leads? 53% 26% 10% 6% 5% WITHIN WITHIN WITHIN WITHIN OVER 24 48 72 A HOURS HOURS HOURS WEEK WEEK How do you convert your leads? MISC Other - 1% Direct Mail - 14% Email Marketing - 50% In-person - 62% Telephone - 93% What do you see as the benefits of lead generation? Ability Ongoing provision Qualifying Increase to target of sales leads customer base specific leads 13% markets 33% 38% 40% 45% 58% 80% Flexibility Manageable of channels Measurabiltity ROI risk Other used Which of the following does your organisation measure & track regularly to manage performance? 67% 56% 38% 24% 18% 8% Number Lead Lead Lead Lead Other of leads quality quality quality quality generated based on based on based on based on sales revenue initial initial conversions over time product customer interest revenue How much of your marketing budget went towards lead generation in 2011? 0-10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40% 41-50% 51-60% 61-70% 71-80% 81-90% 91-100% 33% 16% 10% 8% 8% 6% 6% 5% 1% 12% How will you invest in lead generation in 2012? Spend less - 3% Don't know - 13% Spend more - 34% Depends on this year - 18% Spend the same - 32% Do you or would you consider outsourcing your lead generation? Yes 38% No 62% Survey completed and results compiled by Inbox Insight ( InboxInsight SINI SOCIAL EVENTS AFFILIATE MEDIA NATURAL WEBSITE Interactive Tools

Lead Generation Survey

shared by InboxInsight on Feb 10
Email marketing specialist, Inbox Insight, recently conducted a survey to an audience of 175 directors, MD’s and marketing decision makers regarding their organisations current and future lead gener...


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