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Landscape management

LANDSCAPE WHY DO APPROACHES WE NEED TO LAND MANAGEMENT INCLUSIVE MEASURE TO TACKLE THE CONFLICTS OF LAND IMPORTANCE OF LANDSCAPE APPROACH LANDSCAPE APPROACH MEANING The history of segregating tasks within the landscape is the main reason why we are in need of landscape approach. The farmlands and the forests are hugely threatened by stress on the landscape for urban development, commodity agriculture, transport infrastructure, tourism, mining etc. Landscape approach is an equitable means for solving the conflicts in water and land management. Landscape approach is the management of the intricate landscapes into an all -inclusive fashion incorporating the various land usages within those landscapes into a distinct management process. EXAMPLES OF LANDSCAPES Ver Public forests Major watersheds Private forests, farms 区区 Provinces, districts and some major cities. Communal land Model forests, biosphere reserves ... %3D In the year 2014 on 17th September, more than 200 people assembled in Wageningen, the Netherlands in order to define the meaning and the very purpose of the term Landscape Approach'. CIFOR and partner institutions, in an attempt of providing a guiding framework to landscape approach have described 10 principles. Such 10 principles highlight stakeholder engagement, adaptive management and manifold objectives that have been associated with Sustainable Development Goals. Clarification Resilience Continual of rights and responsibilities learning and adaptive management Multiple stakeholders, 10 Multi functionality Common PRINCIPLES OF LANDSCAPE APPROACH INCLUDE concern entry point Participatory and user-friendly monitoring Strengthened stakeholder capacity Negotiated and transparent change logic Multiple scales Forest landscapes offer vital services for we human beings-but facing pressures The pressure is mainly due to growth of commercial agriculture, subsistence agriculture. Logging. Forests cover a third part of the total planet which means timber extraction, charcoal production, fuelwood collection, livestock gazing and uncontrolled fire drives most of the 4 billion hectares in total. degradation But, approximately Though the problem can be managed by forest plantations, however, this would only make up less than 5% of the total forest area. 60,000 square km of the forest areas are getting lost by human intervention. LANDSCAPE IS MAJOR ECONOMIC RESOURCE TO MILLIONS WORLDWIDE An estimate of about 16 billion Forests offer informal employment to 41 million and formal employment to 13.2 million people worldwide. individuals makes use of forests as source of income and livelihood. $4 An estimate of 20% of rural income is obtained from the environment. NEED OF LANDSCAPES FOR ENERGY NEEDS An overall of 10% Landscape are source of energy and innumerable people rely on it. of energy is occupied From biomass. According to Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, an estimate of Charcoal and fuel wood production contribute income to approximately 50% of the world's population depends upon solid fuels for heating and cooking. 20% in Africa. LANDSCAPE APPROACH CONTRIBUTING TO UNFCCC PROCESS Landscape approach needs governance frameworks to cross sectors and levels. A policy learning architecture is required to evaluate how imperatives and interests prioritized and further how collaborative resolutions are found. According to the Brundtland Report, the social, economic and environmental challenges is to be addressed equally in order to attain Sustainable Development. Organizations Contributing to the Growth of Landscape Approach The International Union of Forest Research Organizations. Center for International Forestry Research. World Agroforestry Center. IUCN- The World Conservation Union A FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations SOURCES Il||||||| | || | || || %24 EE 睡

Landscape management

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This infographic points the importance of landscape management to tackle land conflicts. It is an educative series of how land is important and how it is misused and mismanaged. The 10 basic principle...


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