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Know the value of your old car

O junkcarsforcashnjcompany KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR OLD CAR Nothing ages your car as much as the sight of your neighbor's new one - EVAN ESAR It is estimated that 80% of car by weight can be reused, re-manufactured, or recycled Due to recycling car parts, around 80 million barrels of oil is saved every year that would be used to produce new parts 2 The scrap processing industries across North America obtains about 40% of ferrous metal If a steel mill substitutes scrap metal that has low sulphur content by raw ore that has high sulphur content, it reduces air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 76% scrap from auto recycling Repair or Replace? Which is a better Idea??? How much is your car worth? How much will it cost to replace? ? Research online at, Kelley Blue Book, etc. to find out the value of your car If you look to buy new car, check for the cost of the similar model online How much will it cost to repair? ? Get two or more quotes from car specialists. If the repair cost exceeds your car value, replacing your old car would be a best option If your decision is to replace, then JUNK YOUR CAR! Car Recycling - An Overview BATTERIES GLASS Some batteries are refurbished for resale while the batteries that cannot be serviced are processed to extract lead and used in the production of new batteries Glass obtained from old cars are recycled and used in the production of tile flooring, countertops, porcelain, glass beads and jewelry. OIL AND FLUIDS The vehicle will have used gear oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze and transmission fluid. These fluids will contain toxic lead and the highly poisonous ethylene glycol. After recycling, it can be used as alternate fuel METALS TIRES Metal forms 65% of the car. Wheels, engines, transmissions and body of the car is shredded and the material is Tires from old cars are recycled and are used as fuel, artificial playground turf, pavement bases for new roadways, etc. source or restored. sold to steel mills Get The Most Ởut Of Your Old Car 1 Get Quote from local Junk Yards and Choose one Get your vehicle picked by them Get best rates for your vehicle DID YOU KNOW? Automotive Industry is the 16th largest Industry in the United States ë Old cars that are not maintained, cause 18 times more pollution than standard cars JUNK CARS FOR CASH NJ COMPANY INFOGRAPHIC PRESENTED BY

Know the value of your old car

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The infographic below is presented by that reveals the benefits of recycling old cars and process of junking old cars for cash. Junk cars for cash NJ Company specializ...


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