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Key Performance Indicators | eCommerce (+Magento)

Key Perfomance Indicators for eCommerce KPIS gain insight in your business performance, also known as performance metrics, business indicators, and performance ratios Unique Visitors Return Rate Try to attract as many Unique Visitors as possible. The more you attract, the greater the possibility of a New Customers A website with a high return rate signifies that the products and/or services you offer, and how those they are displayed, are appreciated by users. Pay-per-click cost per acquisition Acquiring New Customers is very important. Watch how your percentages change from month to month, make sure to compare The lower it costs you to convert a user using Pay-per-Click advertising, the better, as you will be acquiring a customer at a lower overall cost. Referral conversion or sources: a return visit. Traffic percentages: 70-80% Organic Search 1-10% Direct Traffic 1-10% Social Media against Returning Customers. Checkout Ti Пра: Abandonment New Visitors 1-5% Referral Traffic Note sales lost at the last step in the sales cycle. What caused the user not to complete the sale? How often does this occur? Pay-per-click 1-5% Paid Search total conversions Do your Paid Advertisements performing well? Do your total conversions generate enough What can be done to correct it? New Visitors count as Unique Visitors, but they differ in that they are first time visitors to your site. Time On Site per visit keep a spreadsheet of data << check for patterns/cycles < revenue to cover the costs of The Standard that measures the using Pay-per-click advertising? Cart measure changes daily << quality of a website. Are users engaged enough to browse around, look through other products, or read site content? Abandonment set goals << Page Views High abandonment rates typically means something is scarring people off that they don't first notice. Or they can't figure out how to check out. Email The sign of a healthy and engaging website is where total Page Views far exceed the number of total visits. It means people are traveling your site. Total Visits Know how email campaigns perform. Know how many of the recipients opened the email, clicked on links, and then The total number of visitors that converted on site. Average Order Value landed on your website. Remember, the quantity of traffic is not necessarily as important as the quality of that traffic. If you have a low Average Order Value, many sales are required to achieve profit but if the average is high, fewer orders may be required. Customer Twitter Total Orders Service open cases per day, week, month Watch for trends and anything with a repeating or cyclical retweets and new followers Page Views per visit Make sure to resolve all Customer Service cases, quickly. Easily able to engage with users, Twitter is great for sharing your content, and hearing the "buzz" about your business. nature. You can cash in on If your customers can receive better service elsewhere, opportunities or safe guard against potential dangers. Gross Margin they will. The number of pages viewed per visit is another sign of how engaging and user friendly a site may be. How deep do your users get into your site? Facebook "talking about this" and Likes Engaging with your followers is important for keeping your brand top of mind and striking Gross Margin for your products determines whether or not what you are selling is profitable. It is the difference between the revenue and cost of an item. conversations with customers.

Key Performance Indicators | eCommerce (+Magento)

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Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the mile markers you need to be mindful of whilst journeying down the road of online retail and Magento eCommerce. Keeping an ever watchful and vigilant eye on th...


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