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Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors

How To Keep An Eye On Your Online Competitors: 20 Useful Tools In order to keep ahead of the competition, sometimes you need to be aware of what they're up to. What is competitor analysis? Competitor analysis is the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, for of defining or refining your marketing strategy. the purpose Why should I do it? You should analyse the competition to help you to: XX Identify your strengths Recognise their strengths Find weaknesses in the competition Notice your Find opportunities in the marketplace Avoid threats own weaknesses from competitors How do I start? Be honest about who your competition are, look at factors like who is competing with you in search engines and who sells the most similar product range to you. Try to compare like for like. Plan a regular schedule to Draw up a revisit competitor analysis, look for changes and new up and coming brands shortlist of competitors to monitor, and visit some of the tools below to see what you can find out about them! Tools For Online Competitor Analysis As Ecommerce businesses, we have the benefit of being able to gather lots of data on our online competitors if we know where to look! Here are some of the best places to find what you need... Monitoring Brand Mentions: * Tool Google Alerts Monitor the wab for interuating now content £ Price FREE Why we love it Quick and simple to set up, alerts come right to your inbox! * Tool socialmention* £ Price FREE Why we love it Find out what people are saying about your competitors. One of the fastest ways to spot they've got a problem you could capitalise on, and you can't beat listening to gossip! Social Media teta Tool: Bioischanged Price: FREE Why we love it: It does what it says. Find out if your competitors are changing their Twitter bio, they might just be adding important details and fanpage karma you'll be the first to know! Tool: Fanpage Karma Price: FREE trial available Why we love it: It displays Facebook performance metrics so you can assess your biggest competition on social media. Social Searcher Frea Sacini Modia Scaron Engino Tool: Social Searcher Price: FREE Why we love it: Analysis of sentiment, networks used, links, types of social interaction and related words. Search Marketing SEMrush Competitive Data for Digital Marketing Professionals Tool: URL Profiler Price: From £15.95 Tool: SEMrush uriprofiler per month Price: Some data available free Why we love it: Why we love it: Gives a Plenty of data, and multiple applications. good overview of the You can build competitor SEO profiles and so competition's search much more! strategy. semrusH Tool: Open Site Explorer, Majestic Site Explorer Price: Some data available free Why we love it: Snoop through those link profiles and see who links to your MAJESTIC competitors. kw Finder SpyFu Tool: Spyfu Tool: KWFinder Price: Some data Price: Some data available free available free Why we love it: Shows Why we love it: Amongst you which competitors' other things, we love the are ranking in SERPS as comparison of your "keyword universe' with you carry out your keyword research. the competition. MOAT Tool: Moat Price: Some data available free Why we love it: See a snapshot of your competitors' online ads all in one place, if they are stored in the database. Website Siteliner WEBSITE GRADER dbylus Tool: Siteliner Tool: Website Grader Price: FREE, with limited analyses Price: FREE Why we love it: Why we love it: Provides analysis on Brings back a treasure trove of how good a website is, areas of information about any website strength and weakness that you can you choose! compare against your own scores. Buzzsumo built With Tool: Buzzsumo Tool: Built With Price: FREE, requires account Price: FREE Why we love it: A simple way to Why we love it: Enter a URL, and find find out which content on a out what the website is built with - competitors site is most popular. simple as that! INTERNETARCHIVE augaiyaegbem Tool: The Wayback Machine Price: FREE Why we love it: Allows you to visit past versions of a webpage. Find out how your competitors' sites have changed, you might be able to spot why they did it. Other useful tools YouGovProfilesTE hitwise A division of connexity Tool: Hitwise Tool: You Gov Profiles Lite Price: UNDISCLOSED Price: FREE, requires account We love: Your ultimate tool for Why we love it: A snapshot view competitor analysis, hitwise of what customers of certain tracks online behavior and allows brands are like, where else they you to see which competitors' shop, and what they enjoy. sites customer's visit before and after yours amongst many other things. Only really suitable for large brands though, as it doesn't come cheap. Now you know how, go forth and conquer your competition! 13ten PARCELS Parcel delivery. You choose it, we'll sort it! Sources

Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors

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When running a business, you need to keep ahead of the competition and in order to do that, you need to know what your competition are up to. This infographic is about how to keep an eye on your compe...




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