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Keeo Your Brand Running Like New

Keep Your Brand Running Like New A Simple quide to Brand Maintenance Whether you're offering a product or a service, your brand is your vehicle to success. Brands require constant innovation and improvement to preserve their competitive advantage. Minimize your failures and maximize your successes YOUR BRAND by exercising good brand maintenance. TO ENSURE ITS GOD HEALTH, MAINTAIN AND INVEST IN YOUR BRAND. Don't compromise your brand, by skimping or falling behind on maintenance. CASE STUDY #1 - DOMINO'S PIZZA For 50 years, Domino's Pizza was known for its fast, cheap, and good pizza. By 2009, it allowed the gap between its promise and practice to widen considerably. After a video prank surfaced on the internet of two then-employees tainting pizzas, combined with customer complaints of cardboard-like crust and sauce that tasted like ketchup, Domino's brand reputation was in tatters. WHAT THEY DID WRONG: By promising customers good pizza and not backing it up, they set themselves up for a spectacular fall. Domino's Pizza stepped up to its critics, admitted their mistakes, and rejuvenated their brand by promoting their new commitment to the art of pizza. PUT THE RIGHT GRADE OF FUEL IN YOUR BRAND. Targeting the wrong customers can cause your YOUR CUSTOMERS brand to stall out. Knowing your customers is one of the most crucial parts of managing your brand. CASE STUDY #2 - HARLEY DAVIDSON Harley Davidson fans aren't just loyal-they live the brand. From lighters to leather jackets, enthusiasts will buy almost anything adorned with the iconic logo. These products contribute to the mythology behind the brand and the life of a biker. When Harley Davidson tried to extend its brand to perfume and aftershave, fans rebelled. Bikers don't want to smell nice. They want to smell tough, like leather and motor oil. WHAT THEY DID WRONG: Harley Davidson undermined their brand by forgetting who their target was and that's no different than targeting the wrong one. CASE STUDY #3 - NETFLIX/QWIKSTER Netflix shot to fame by providing a simpler way of enjoying entertainment without the hassle of late fees. In July 2011, it Finding new customers can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Want to make the process easier? announced a 60 percent price hike for subscribers to both its DVD rental and online streaming services. Then, in September 2011, Netflix announced a split between the two services - introducing its DVD-by-mail service as Qwikster – which would require customers to manage separate subscriptions on two different websites. The announcements incited a riot of angry customers and investor fallout. USE THE SAME BRAND OF FUEL. If you don't nurture your current customer base, it can affect the performance of your brand, which puts unnecessary pressure on your engine (employees). THE LOSSES 800,000 75% in $12 Billion in Subscribers stock value market value WHAT THEY DID WRONG: Qwikster became the pervasive symbol of a company not listening to its customers and there's no telling whether Netflix will ever recover. CASE STUDY #4 - APPLE MAKE YOUR BRAND A HYBRID. Apple is one of the most innovative and influential brand in the world. Customers are encouraged to work and play with any product for free as long they want. Most stores don't allow people to do this, but Apple's commitment to customer service is unparalleled. Apple enthusiasts are quick to gush about why they love their products, how Apple improves their lives, and why they think they are the best because of Apple. Apple mastered the cult of personality with Steve Jobs at its helm. Following the death of its much-beloved CEO, translated into record sales, countless tributes, and a biography that is Amazon's best-selling book of 2011. Invest in fuel-efficient methods, like transforming your brand enthusiasts into influencers. Because they are already passionate about your brand, your satisfied customers are your most valuable asset. By enhancing your brand in ways that positively contribute to their lifestyle, your customers will pay you back handsomely through brand loyalty. global outpouring of grief and emotion WHAT THEY DID RIGHT: Apple is committed to perfecting the customer experience. Without realizing it, happy customers serve as brand evangelists, further enhancing Apple's brand loyalty. DON'T FORGET TO REFUEL. Neglecting your brand by not evolving with the times, and your customer base will evaporate, taking your brand recognition with it. If you don't find alternative ways to cultivate new customers, your brand is literally running on empty and only time will tell when it finally runs out of gas. CASE STUDY #5 - OVALTINE Ovaltine, the malted milk drink, is nostalgic to those who can still recall the catchy radio jingle that used to accompany it. Thinking they could be the leader of a niche market, the makers of Ovaltine refused to reposition their brand. The market evolved and introduced more popular brands, like Ensure and Boost, who market their products as meal replacements. WHAT THEY DID WRONG: By clinging on too long to its previous purpose as a sleep aid before bed, it sacrificed its brand recognition. Despite now being promoted as a diet supplement or a breakfast shake, Ovaltine still fails to gain much traction with anyone younger than 60. CASE STUDY #6 - KFC YOUR CORE SET OF VALUES IS THE ESSENCE OF YOUR COMPANY. In April 2010, KFC introduced the "Buckets for the Cure" campaign, in partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, to persuade customers to buy pink buckets of chicken to help fight breast cancer. Activists and media outlets alike cried foul when the news surfaced that customers' purchases don't directly contribute towards the cause unless they buy enough chicken to offset KFC's initial donation. With an obvious link between eating fried chicken and obesity, another prominent American health issue, and obesity's link to an increased risk of breast cancer, pundits say that KFC is guilty of cause washing. Branding refers not only to a company's external image, but also its internal values. Every decision should originate from your brand's values. This includes your brand authenticity, or the ability to communicate your brand believably to anyone inside or outside your company. If not, the foundation of your brand is in peril. WHAT THEY DID WRONG: While KFC is certainly not the only company to adopt this deceptive practice, if found out, brands can suffer considerable damage to their reputation and come off as disingenuous to the cause they are promoting and to their customers. BUILD AN EFFECTIVE BRAND ROADMAP FOR SUCCESS. YOUR BRAND'S Building a brand roadmap is the most efficient way to get to your ROADMAP destination and determines the best course of action to reach your customers. Your roadmap helps you in determining how to spend your time, money, and resources effectively. Your vision is nothing more than pipe dream without it. What's your strategy for success? CASE STUDY #7 - CIRCUIT CITY When Circuit City was the leading retailer in consumer electronics, they tried to chase growth in unrelated categories by launching CarMax and DIVX. Rather that refining and evolving their core business, Circuit City became complacent – a fatal mistake that spread throughout the company like a cancer. WHAT THEY DID WRONG: Circuit City fell under the weight of its own ego. By focusing solely on building their ventures in other categories, they allowed Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Amazon to fill the gap and surge ahead. When Circuit City filed for bankruptcy in late 2008, it signaled the beginning of an inevitable end. Today, Circuit City lives on as an online retailer, but at a fraction of its former glory. CASE STUDY #8 - TWITTER Admired by millions and used by billions, Twitter looks as if it's a highly successful and profitable social media empire. But, looks can be deceiving. In three years, three different CEOS, which disrupts vision, direction, and Where do you want your brand to go? Without a destination, your brand has nowhere to go and there is no measure for success. Twitter has morale. Second, though they have plenty of money in the bank, they've yet to turn a profit. Third, web traffic has leveled off for the first time in two years. WHAT THEY DID WRONG: CEO Dick Costolo says Twitter isn't a social network, but what is it? Unlike Facebook, Twitter has no idea of what it wants to be when it grows up. Without brand direction or real vision, Twitter is doomed to become another Myspace, or YOUR BRAND'S DESTINATION worse, nonexistant. THE FACTS 47% of users created Less than 25% of users generate more than 90% of an account are no longer active worldwide tweets THE Mechanies AT GIMM!E GRAPHICS PLAYING FOR A LIVING

Keeo Your Brand Running Like New

shared by thecuriouscreative on Dec 15
Commissioned by Gimmie Graphics, a NY design firm, this infographic uses the basics of car maintenance to inform small business owners on brand maintenance. By examining the methods other corporations...


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