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James Bond Cars

JAMES BOND CARS VISUALIZEDO07 Bond. James Bond. He's synonymous with women, intrigue, crime fighting, martinis (shaken, not stirred), and of course, cars. Bond's automobiles have evolved over the decades and have taken quite a turn from Dr. No to the upcoming Skyfall. BOND CARS Just as Bond had a different woman in each film, so, too, did he have a different car. 1962 DR. NO ..... SUNBEAM ALPINE, SERIES 5 • 1961 model year • Light blue convertible. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE 1964 1963 GOLDFINGER ....... ASTON MARTIN DB 5 BENTLEY SPORTS TOURER (1] Famed English sports car (1] - • Interchangeable license plates [3] L. Equipped with front-firing machine guns (3) • Favorite car of lan Fleming, author of Bond novels (1] • Rolls Royce (Black) (1] • Rear bullet-proof Passenger ejector seat (3] screen [3] 1967 YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE 1977 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME TOYOTA 2000 GT (1] LOTUS ESPRIT (White) (2] • Convertible - one of the first built exclusively for a Bond movie (2] • Converts to a submarine with underwater smoke screens (2] • Car reached a top speed of • Torpedoes [3] 220 • Rear-firing mud sprayers (3) • Surface-to-air missiles (3) km/h (2] 1981 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY ....... LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO (1] • Comes with anti-theft device: ability to self-destruct 13] 1987 THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS 1995 GOLDEN EYE ....... BMW Z3 (2] ASTON MARTIN V-8 (2] • German car l2] • Nicknamed the "British Barracuda" (2] Concealed guns (2] Laser guns in the wheels [2] • 4 cylinder (2] • Headlight- mounted • Self-destruct capability (2) Stinger missiles (2) • Spiked • Parachute (2] tires (2] 1997 TOMORROW NEVER DIES BMW 750(3] Weapons fully loaded [3] Compared to his previous Z3, this one had twice the mass, three times as many cylinders, and 236% more horsepower [2] • Cellphone remote control (allowing Bond to be outside the car in chases) [3) x3 1999 THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH 2002 DIE ANOTHER DAY ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH [2) BMW Z8 (3] Fastest car yet (2) • Able to make Bond Rocket-firing system in the car's side Remote-control driving capabilities (3] and the car invisible(3] vents (3] QUANTUM OF SOLACE 2006 CASINO ROYALE 2008 ASTON MARTIN DBS [3] Hidden Flying car (3) weapons (3) Equipped with a defibrillator and medical kit [3] 2012 SKYFALL ASTON MARTIN DB5 (4) 15" wheels (4] Steel hardtop and electric horsepower (4] windows (4] Telescopic O to 60 miles per hour in 7.1 seconds (4] shock absorbers [4] James Bond is no stranger to mystery, danger, and driving cutting-edge cars. Luckily for him, Bond has had the chance to try many different cars and maintain his image of a man with worldwide intrigue. 007 SOURCES [1] 3.htm [2] [3] [4]

James Bond Cars

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Bond. James Bond. Fast woman, fast cars and Martinis (shaken, not stirred). From his early days in a Sunbeam Alpine, Bentleys and the gorgeous Aston Martin DB5 - to the awesome Lotus Esprit (Special L...


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