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Iterate your mobile apps and increase your sales

app ITERATE ITERATE YOUR MOBILE APPS... ..AND INCREASE YOUR SALES Explosion in the number of mobile devices is no longer a mystery. People also spend lots of time on mobile phones. Retail purchases on mobile apps are on the up as well. What should e-commerce apps do to capture a larger slice of the pie? HOW MANY MOBILE PHONES IN THE WORLD? Of the world's 4 billion 27% mobile phoes in use 73% 1.08 billion are smartphones 3.05 billion are feature phones PC VS MOBILE? GLOBAL MOBILE VS DESKTOP INTERNET USER By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage 2000 MOBILE INTERNET USERS 1600 O PC USERS 1200 800 400 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015E WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ON SMARTPHONES (other than calling of course!) The mobile user always carries the device. This fact always entices retail apps. Data shows that 68% of smartphone use happens at home. More interestingly. the most common activity is what researchers at BBDO and AOL call 'me time". It also includes window shopping on retail apps!. 46% 4% 7% 11% 12% 19% "ME TIME SELF-EXPRESSION DISCOVERY PREPERATION ACCOMPLISHING SHOPPING SOCIALIZING Seeking relaxation or entertainment Participating in hobbies and Seeking news and information Interacting with other people Planning for upcoming activities health 6 vtty Secking a product or a service interests INCREASE IN E-COMMERCE APP TRAFFIC OVER TIME MORE PEOPLE ARE BUYING ON MOBILE PHONES 41% 43% 35% 39% 29% 23% 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 .AND E-COMMERCE WORKS ON MOBILE DEVICES! Smatphone users have higher than average income. Conversion rate in percent 60% smartphone users in the US make more than $100,000 per year 3.0 2.5 S100.000 2.0 2$ 2$ 1.5 2$ 2$ S60000 1.0 2$ 2$ 0.5 2$ 0.0 Smartphone Traditional Smartphone users PC Tablet BUT THE PICTURE IS NOT THAT ROSY Top 8 reasons for not shopping more on smartphones Awkward shopping experience on phone 49% Concerns over credit card information 36% Slow connection/connectivity 31% Image of product not good 26% Not easy to view product information 23% Product information is limited 18% Takes too long 20% Full product selection is not offered 13% Optimize your mobile apps for maximum conversion! Sources :,.jpg OPPITERATE Internet Users (MM)

Iterate your mobile apps and increase your sales

shared by appiterate on Dec 11
Infographic on why E-Commerce apps should optimize their apps to capture a larger slice of the pie and how A/B testing is crucial in the process. To find out more visit






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