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Investor Pitch Archetypes

INVESTOR PITCH ARCHETYPES A compelling story is the most important element of your pitch to investors. Just like fictional stories, investor pitches often fall into broad categories. Here are 6 of the most common startup stories (with their fictional and real-world equivalents): THE DISRUPTER Services like Uber & luft Lyft are changing the taxi business by proving faster on-demand service. UBER Like a comet that lights up the night sky, disrupters seek to stand out and change the landscape of their industries. The disrupter is the most popular startup archetype. THE FOUNDER This story is the equivalent of the classic hero story. Like Superman or Wonder Woman, this one individual Jack Dorsey, after founding successful social media company has compelling origin and rebirth stories that help him/her overcome obstacles. Usually used with a successful serial entrepreneur. Twitter, went on to Square start Square. THE DREAM TEAM The founding team is famously nicknamed "The Paypal Mafia" and PayPal consists of star players such as Elon Musk and The focus here is on complimentary nature of the founders' skill sets and experiences. If the founder story is Superman, then the Dream Team is the Justice League; all heroes accomplish great things on their own, but together they are truly unstoppable. Peter Thiel. THE DETECTIVE Companies like mixpanel Palantir & Mixpanel use data to analyze and solve complex Many complex business processes can be a mystery. Like Sherlock Holmes, startups telling this story illuminate a process so their target market can make better-informed decisions. O Palantir problems. THE EMANCIPATOR Outbox makes Outbox checking mail fun and Instacart makes grocery shopping Instacart super convenient. Everyone finds themselves enslaved to mundane tasks at some point. Just Robin Hood liberated the poor, Emancipator startups liberate the people by automating those tasks and freeing up valuable time. THE PERFECT WORLD Most appropriate for companies that solve a truly massive problem, this story focuses on Companies like Khan Academy KHAN ACADEMY and Kiva strive to what the world looks make the world a like when that problem has been completely KIVA better place. eradicated. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: As with fictional storytelling, your pitch story can pull from multiple archetypes or none at alL But identifying what type of story you're telling will go a long way in making your pitch more interesting, more memorable, and ultimately more likely to receive investment. INVESTOR PITCHES LEARN MORE AT WWW.INVESTORPITCHES.COM

Investor Pitch Archetypes

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A compelling story is the most important element of your pitch to investors. Here are 6 of the most common startup stories, with their fictional and real-world equivalents. Which are you?


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