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Investor market size

WHO ARE YOUR INVESTORS? WHAT IS YOUR INVESTOR MARKET SIZE? 40%†tttt 28% 11 470,000SMSF.with $416 Billion under management* direct share owners 49% 52% of SMSFS hold Share ownership increases with age, peaking at a 49% incidence in the 65-74 age shares in a company listed on ASX 2023 ownership is higher among those with tertiary education, especially among those with post-graduate qualifications (51% in 2012 vs a population incidence of 34%). SMSF predicted to grow to 914 billion by 2023- 6million Higher income households were more likely to be direct share owners with 40% of those with annual incomes between $100,000 and $200,000 and 58% of those with annual household incomes over $200,000 being direct share owners. Australians directly buy and sell shares. Australian Prudential Reg Authority March 31, 2012^ ASX November 2012- NSW, VIC, WA and ACT have higher levels of incidence in direct share ownership than QLD,SA, NT and Tasmania. ASX November 2012 DEXX&R November 2013Who MAXIMISE YOURMARKET CAPITALISATION Your best customers are your current shareholders. All the most successful companies know that at least as much weight must be given to current customers as potential customers. It's no different for a listed company. TBF will make sure that existing shareholders feel valued and have the information KEEP YOUR EXISTING INVESTORS ATTRACT NEW and communication they need to remain as shareholders. INVESTORSS ENGAGED AND INVESTED MIcro cap TENBAGS FULLMICROCAP HIGH POTENTIAL INDEX CREATE A PROMOTIONS STRATEGY HOWYOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN NOMINATE A FIGURE HEAD FOR THE HOW COMPANY TBF promotes ethically run companies with great potential. Regular news flow -Plan based on eventsin your business Content Strategy - 80% of the content that is disseminated should not be treated as advertising. ANALYZE YOUR COMPANY ANDINVESTOR PERCEPTION LEVERAGE THE TENBAGSFULL COMMUNITY Survey potential and existing investors in your company using the TenBagsFull community REFINE THE STORY AND PRESENT THE FACTS LEVERAGE THE TENBAGSF OMMUNIT The Story will be tested on the community to ensure it is effectiveand easily digested. Facts Tell – Stories Sell MAKE YOUR COMPANY STORY CLEAR AN INVESTOR SHOULD UNDERSTAND YOU BUSINESS MODEL AND STORY IN UNDER 2 MINUTES OF VIEWING. TenBagsFull ensures that investor concerns and misunderstandings are addressed in this collateral based on (2) TELLINGPRE EXISTING COLLATERAL - MORE CONTENT = MORE LEADS. On average, companies that have published 200 or more total posts generate 5X as much traffic as those with 10 posts or fewer. (Polaris B) CONTINUOUS STORY TELLING busnographicsInterviews (Video and Text)ASX AnnouncementsPress ReleasesExpert commentary (sector etc)Question and Answers / FAQ'sAnimated Business VidoesExecutive BrandingPresentations MAKE YOUR SELLING MULTIPLE CHANNELS TO PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY, STORY AND FACTS THERE IS AN INCREASING COMMITMENT POINTS PERMANENT. BY INVESTORS TO GATHERING KNOWLEDGE Announcements and interviews AND INFORMATION start to lose currency immediately. TBF will keep reminding your audience of the reasons they did or should invest and will continually highlight those points. As self-reliance continues to grow, investors are actively seeking information about Investment worthy companies. TENBAGSFULL COMPANY COMMUNICATION TENBAGSFULL COMPANY PROFILE (BLOG) TENBAGSFULL ALERTS TENBAGSFULL 11.000 VISTS PER MONTH CHANNEL AVERAGE OF 18 MINUTES PER VISIT SHARE REGISTRY EMAIL Smaller companies that have embraced TENBAGSFULL FINANCE ENHANCED SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT marketing process automation are nearly 50% more likely to report ONLINE PRESS RELEASE revenue growth above plan than those that haven't. (MediaPost) 42% of companies have acquired at f It's used by more than a third least one customer of all citizens in Australia and through Twitter. (Polaris B) New Zealand. (iMedia Connection) 75% of senior executives watch You Tube videos on business sites every week. 65% go on to visit a vendor's website The typical user is a male in after watching a video. (Earnest Agency) his late 20s with a technical 71% of American Internet users watch position or background. (Jeff Bullas)Google+ users online videos; 28% do so on a daily basis. (iMedia Connection) YouTube is tend to be more technical the world's second largest social media site, with 800 million unique monthly visitors, and the second largest search than Facebook users. (Jeff Bullas) engine. (Heidi Cohen) in Linkedin has more than 150 million users (Jeff Bullas) The most popular use of LinkedIn is for researching people and companies (77%).Other popular uses include building relationships with industry influencers (50%), finding job opportunities (38%) and increasing brand recognition in the marketplace (37%). Just 28% of companies say they have generated identifiable business opportunities on the site. (Jeff Bullas) Mothers are 61% more likely to use Pinteres. Pinterest ranks as the #1 "family and lifestyle site" for moms - ahead of Disney Online. (iMedia Connection)Pinterest's user base is 79% female, and Apple-centric. (Jeff Bullas)Pinterest grew an astounding 379,599% in 2012. The biggest driver of growth was pins of food photos. (AddThis Blog) Email is not great for driving new customers, but it is excellent for existing investors) HIGHER FLOOR TO SHARE PRICE & HENCE GREATER MARKET CAP75% WHO ARE WE? RAVI CHAUHAN RUSS CONDICKTIM TIM MORRISRAVI ChauhanRavi is the General Manager of Fat Prophets and brings a wealth of Finance and marketing experience to the company. Ravi holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree from Macquarie University, he also holds a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investments from FINSIA and Qualifications 6 B2B MARKETING FACTS AND STATS from Stockbrokers Association of Australia. Stats85. 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say when they are ready to make a purchase, they will find a vendor. 81% use search, 59% look for peer recommendations, and 41% read content from "thought leaders." (Earnest Agency)86. For purchases over $10,000, 70% of buyers review four or more pieces of content before making a decision. (That actually sounds quite low, doesn't it?) The most popular type of content: white papers, read by 88% of buyers. (Earnest Agency)87. Traditional marketing tactics are not dead. 74% of B2B marketers rate direct mail as very effective, while 72% say the same about live events and 71% call email marketing critical. (Earnest Agency)88. 75% of B2B marketers use SEO for lead generation. 72% utilize social media, and 54% have embraced content marketing, while just 15% of marketers say they are using mobile marketing. (MarketingSherpa)89. B2B marketers are spending more on content marketing. "On average, B2B content marketers are spending 33% of their marketing budgets up from 26% (in 2011, and) 54% plan to increase content marketing spending next year." (MarketingProfs)90. The most popular B2B content marketing tactics are the use of social media other than blogs (used by 87% of B2B marketers), articles on their own websites (83%), eNewsletters (78%) and blogs (77%), followed by case studies, videos and externally published articles, all at about 70%. On the other end of the scale is gamification, used by just 11% of B2B marketers. (MarketingProfs)Read more at marketing-stats-and-facts-for-2012-and-2013-0367234#m0wV7h5QZmEDWDM6.9976. content marketing (in 2012), in The most popular marketing tactics on LinkedIn are the use of LinkedIn groups (cited by 33% of marketers) followed distantly by InMail messaging (14%), Linkedin Events (13%) and LinkedIn ads (10%). (Marketing Charts) 54. Meanwhile, 55% of small businesses have a blog. (Leaders West)55. On average, companies that publish 15 or more blog articles per month generate five times more Web traffic than companies that don't blog at all, and those that blog 9-15 times per month generate three times more traffic than companies that don't maintain blogs. (MarketingProfs) B Read more at social-media-and-online-marketing-stats-and-facts-for-2012- and-2013-0367234#m0wV7h5QZmEDWDM6.99 57% of companies that blog have acquired a customer through their blogs. (Polaris B)58. Blogs are the core of social media marketing. Among companies that use social media in their marketing efforts, 59% rank their company blog as critical or important to their business, higher than any other social sharing site or network. (Heidi Cohen) Read more at http://www.business2 and-facts-for-2012-and-2013-0367234#m0wV7h5QZmEDWDM6.99 24 Inbound marketing leads cost on average 62% less than outbound-generated leads, and the "big three" inbound channels-blogs, social media and SEO-all cost less on average than any outbound channel. (Polaris B) I Traffic I Converting traffic 43% 29% 25% 22% 14% 12% 6% 5% 6% 5% 2% 1% Social media Social media Email Otherreferring sites Organic search Paid search ad placements marketing campaigns sites Dmarketingsherpa Source: 02012 MarketingsherpaLead Generation Benchmark Survey Methodology: Fielded January 2012, N=1,915 Im Cm サ

Investor market size

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This infographic gives you a picture of how can you determine your investor market size. It also gives guidelines on the ways to maximize the market capitalization and various ways to promote your company.


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