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Internet Marketing - Surf's Up!

INternet MarketiNG. YoU're DOING it aLL WRONG. • RINGS • FORD • CHEVY • JEEP • HOUSES• DODGE BIG waves Are tHe Harbest to RİDE! THEATER RIDE SMALLEP oNes WitH Less riISK. There is a line of businesses waiting to ride those big wave keywords, driving the cost higher..focus on research-generated smaller wave keywords and utilize high volume to drive more traffic and maintain a higher quality for a lower cost. RETIREMENT DEALERSHIP CAR HOT TUB. HOMES FOR SALE WICHITA - HOME BUILDERS IN ST. LOUIS - CUSTOM HOT TUB MUSTANG ANTA - ESCALADE - SENTRA - ALTIMA - USED TRUCKS TALLAHASSEE - USED FORD N ART GALLERY FINE ART FRAMING - 2012 DODGE ND- CADILLAC ATLA T PLANNING FOR SENIORS. RETIRANGLER HARD TOP JEEP EW CARS CHA YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE EVERYWHERE.WHICH DEVICE ARE YOU TARGETING? If you do not have a specific presence on every platform available to your customers, then you are missing opportunities to make a sale. Plain and simple, you have to be everywhere to everyone. YAHOO! AOL O bing Google Ask THere are a Lot OF searcH ENGINE OPTIONS. >Google DON't LIMit Your FOCUS to ONLY ONe. While Google has the market share of search engine usage, they are not the only game in town. Do not underestimate the power of spreading things out to reach those searching on the other top 5 search engines along with Google. ONLY tarcet Markets tHat Matter to you. The internet is a big place. Make sure you are not paying for placements outside of the markets that matter to you. If you don't need traffic from India, then you shouldn't pay for it! = 100 visits Get More For your MONEY! By utilizing all of the above methods and organizing them into one simple media buy, Digital Pineapple's Surf-N-Fusion program allows you to get nearly twice the traffic for the same amount of money! Average Number of people reached on $10,000 worth of Google AdWords Average number of people reached on $10,000 worth of Digital Pineapple's Surf-N-Fusion + For surfING LESSONS aND MOre INForMation ON Surf-N-FUSION aND OtHer prODUcts ViSit Your Traffic SUCKS DIGitaL.PICktHePINeaPPLe.COM Y CAR SERVICE VOLKSWAGEN JET IA - CRUZE · CHEVROLET MALIBU - DODGE RAM 1500 - USED JEEP OPYRIGHT ATTORNEY. GREENVILLE BOUTIQUE TEETH WHITENING DALLAS OARITAS - DEEP DISH PIZZA - WOOD-FIRED PIZZA CHOICE STEAKHOUSE WYER NEW YORK-ESTATE PLANNING WILLS IN KANSAS CITY GARBAGE IN HARTFORD JEEP SSAN ALTIMA LOW MILEAGE LAC DIAMOND • NEW CARS • RINGS • FORD. , MEXICAN RESTAURANT.A IT CAR USED CARS NEW HOMES • SOFTWA BAR STEAKHO HEAT& NAZDA. FIRM . .FLORIDSTAURANT .FINANCE

Internet Marketing - Surf's Up!

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Are you doing internet marketing wrong? Probably. Here's how you do it the right way.


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