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The Internet Marketer's Guide To Good VS. Bad Clients

GOOD -BAD Clients THE INTERNET MARKETER'S GUIDE TO IDENTIFYING THE DIFFERENCE Internet marketers encounter all sorts of X. clients, from Micomanagers to Absentees, Never Satisfied to "Here's 40 more Projects for Next Week." To survive, you should only take jobs that will truly benefit both the client and you. Here's how to tell if a potential or current client is really worth it after all. CONTROL 11% 39% 01 Wanning T.O My Guddy knows all about SEO and he said..." Caod Provides info/resources that you need to do the best job, and then steps back until their input is needed - after all, it's why they hired you! They may just ask you to "work your magic." providing no direction or details. Micromanages, would really like to do your job for you and fumes when "rankings decline!" ONLY 11% OF MARKETERS WHO DO SEO IN-HOUSE ARE SATISFIED WITH PERFORMANCE... 39% OF TOP MARKETERS CHANGEREAL-TIME OFFERINGS CONSTANTLY INRESPONSE TO CLIENT WANTS ANDNEEDS... LEAVE IT TO THE PROS! SO RELAX, CLIENTS! E RESPECT 36% Undermines you; threatens to take their business elsewhere like Trusts your expertise and respects your opinions (even if they may, in the end, insist on some changes). Of Marketens Say RETAINING CUSTOMERS AND BUILDING LOYALTY ISA TOP CHALLENGE that cheap SEO company that cold-called last week and guaranteed #1 rankings. ROANIZALA KEEPS GOOD TRACK of your interactions and their needs for the project. MIXES UP YOUR PROJECT with others; constantly asks you how it's going or if you're waiting on something from them. nuary Ap PROJECT TIMELINE 3. 4. 3. 4. 10 11 10 11 17 18 17 18 24 25 24 25 31 May Augu Misses deliverables on their end, Undenstands T. then springs a hard deadline on you. due 2 days 2. 3. 10 that proper SEO doesn't happen overnight. 16 17 14 15 From Right Noee 23 24 21 22 28.29 31 COMMUNICATION & Feedback 1. 3 2. 2 3. Provides timely and clear feedback with specific suggestions that they're willing to stand behind. Repeatedly doesn't reply to emails, or only checks in when they are unhappy with something. SEO Marketens Provide Reponts 49% montly 32% weEK 49% Monthly - 32% Weekly - 7% Daily PAYMENT Agrees (and adheres!) to youn payment terms from the get-go Sevenal things could go eerong here... Pays when they feel like it, 187 days past due. Constantly tries to renegotiate the price. Never pays, claiming that they never saw results from your efforts. mux KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for the warning signs and you'll be sure to AVOID COUNTLESS HEADACHES. SOURCESC, http://publicdhe PDF G GEEK POWEREO STUDIOS

The Internet Marketer's Guide To Good VS. Bad Clients

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Anyone who works in the world of SEO and internet marketing knows that no two clients are alike. In this industry, you’ll meet all sorts of clients: the good, the bad, and the unreadable. Here’s a...


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