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International Office Etiquette

INTERNATIONAL OFFICE ETIQUETTE NETHERLANDS DO 8 DON'T O i FACT! 2.3 million people work abroad for a Dutch company. HELLO! Be punctual! The Dutch don't like it when you show up late. Don't ignore your colleagues when in the elevator - even if you just make eye contact and nod. Dress appropriately! In a creative office you can wear casual clothes. In a corporate environment you can't. Don't get drunk with your colleagues at work parties. Especially not with your boss. GERMANY FRANCE DO DO IVI COFFEE Feel free to take at least two coffee breaks a day. Coffee is important! Always greet the most important person first, then work your way down the hierarchy. 01:20 Be punctual or you'll immediately leave a negative impression. Take more than 1 hour for lunch. X DON'TO X DON'TX WELL DONE FR3NCH Don't wear inappropriate clothes in the summer – it's business attire all year around. lots of praise for their work. Don't leave work in a hurry if you're in a senior the French are very protective role as it can be seen as a lack of commitment. Don't sugar-coat things: Germans aren't used to Spelling is very important - of their language. i FACT! FACT! $, %? BIG & MEAN LTD. 1 Over 90% of businesses are small to medium enterprises and they value loyalty. Complaining is considered healthy and is absolutely acceptable. ITALY DO 8 DON'TO i FACT! 4 million Italians live abroad, mainly for working reasons. 00 BYE! When you're doing business, always I shake hands when meeting and departing. Depending on where your colleague hails from, they could also hug you and kiss you on the cheek. Don't divulge too much personal information during chats and keep your criticisms private. DO NOT DISTURB! Use your contacts to introduce you to potential business partners before you arrange meetings. Eating lunch at your desk and not taking breaks with your colleagues can appear antisocial and may isolate you. SAUDI ARABIA SPAIN DO DO Hi, my name is SAYYED DEGHER IT STINKS! EVERYTHING STINKS! Be sure to greet your colleagues in the morning. When first addressing colleagues, it's preferable to use 'Sayyed' (Sir) for a man and 'Sayeeda' (Mrs) for a woman followed by their name. Use the art of complaining to bond with colleagues. Do take the month of August off for holidays. 8 DON'TO DON'TO Many Arabs do not drink alcoholic beverages. So, avoid drink and don't offer it as a gift. Don't work too hard on a Friday afternoon - this is the warm up to the weekend! BIG-BUCKS LTD. SHE'S A BIT DITSY! GET LOST Он FOR SH*#! YOU IDIOT! @%$? SAKE! Saudi Arabians like to keep their work and personal lives separate. So, don't ask family-related questions. Don't be offended by a lack of political correctness. i FACT! i FACT! LATE The Spanish stay up late - expect social drinks after work to go on past midnight. Saudis and other MENA residents are often very relaxed in terms of timekeeping. Being late can be normal, so try not to be offended. CHINA X DON'T X i FACT! In order to build a good business relationship with clients, you need to learn to socialise. A lot of deals are Don't rush to leave the office. If you can't wait until your boss leaves, stay at least 30 minutes longer or it could seem that you aren't committed. signed off at the dinner table. There are approx. 5 million university graduates in China, annually - much more than the amount of available jobs. It isn't unusual for a post grad to be working as a receptionist in an office. Never correct or challenge your boss in a I meeting even if what he said was wrong. Be early for interviews as it shows how much you value the opportunity. U.K U.S.A DO DO Complain about unimportant things like the weather and traffic. Act friendly yet reserved. Strike a balance between Shake hands, firmly. It's one way an American may 'size you up'. Do get straight to the point and be honest - Americans favour direct communication. being open yet formal. O DON'T O 8 DON'TO Don't break the rules or go against convention. The British love regulations and formality! Don't be bashful about your achievements – the idea of the American dream is still very much alive. 2,3 - -- DCAC Don't be surprised if colleagues seem to have different personalities inside and outside of work - many people keep work and social lives separate. Don't be afraid to take a risk - America was built by risk takers. i FACT! i FACT! The British take tea breaks very seriously and drink many cups a day. Make sure you pay attention to how they prefer their tea if you offer to make it. Starting a business is a big part of American culture. 54% of all US sales come from small businesses - of which there are 28 million! RUSSIA i FACT! DO X DON'T O 15" th Dress to impress. Image is everything and it's important to not only make a good first impression but also to maintain your reputation. Don't miss out on the chance to takę breaks and socialise - even if you don't drink coffee or smoke. Russia is ranked 15th best country for expats in the world with the highest scores for entertainment, social life and making friends. Work hard but have fun. Public holidays are a big deal and the last day is always a big cause for celebration. Don't be offended by directness. It's common to speak your mind without sugar coating your words. viking

International Office Etiquette

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When it comes to working in another country, one of the trickiest parts can be knowing exactly how to interact with your colleagues, business partners or clients, as it's quite common for there to be ...


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