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International Business Etiquette: Part 2

BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTE WO PART Australians are friendly and open, but they appreclate candour and concision. BC Sport and sightseeing are great topics of conversation. CLASS Australia FLIGHT BUSINAS OFFICIAL LANGUAGE GATE SE NAL ENGLISH FROM NAME OF PASSEN Do Not... Do... Wear a dark suit and tie for men, or a dress or suit with blouse for women. Pick up a tab out of turn. Withhold your opinions, they will be respected. Be punctual. Shake hands on meeting and leaving. Brag about yourself or your company. Ask if you don't understand something. Three-piece suits are the suit of choice for executives, whereas two-piece suits are associated with office workers. Flicking the fingertips under the chin indicates you do not kmow the answer to the question. Brazil LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Mr First names are used often, but titles are important too. PORTUGU ESE Mrs SPANISH Good conversation topics include football, family and children. ITALIAN Do... Do Not... Send flowers to your host the next day with a thank-you note, if you were entertained at their home, Wear yellow and green together, as these are Brazil's colours. Shake hands for an extended period, when greeting and leaving. Make the "0.K" hand signal as it's a rude gesture in Brazil. Make good eye-contact when shaking hands. Jump straight in to busine ss, meetings usually begin with casual chatting first. Leave appointments to the last minute, impromptu calls to businesses are also best avoided. Most North American gestures will be understood in Costa Rica. Busine ss entertaining takes place most commonly in the evening, as lunch is the main meal of the day. Costa Rica 6699 Good conversation topics include children, history and art. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: SPANISH CRBOLE EN GLISH Do... Do Not... Wear a conservative dark suit (or dress, skirt/blouse for women). Costa Ricans are far more formal than other Latin Americans. Take Calla Lilies to a dinner invite, they are associated with funerals. Pidget with hands or feet, it is !) considered distracting and impolite. Be on time. Bring flowers, chocolate, sootch or wine if you are invited to dinner at somebody's home. BOARDING PAE BORDKARTE - CAR CLASS bello Take busine ss cards, notes and other: bola) materials in Spanish and English. BOARDI FLIGHT Egyptians have a closer sense of personal space (among members of the same sex) than most Europeans or North Americans might be comfortable with. Egypt RUSINES LANGUAGKS SPOKEN: ONAL BU ARABIC FRENCH INTERNA RN GLISH Do... Do Not... Wear a jacket and a tie at business meetings. Women should always wear modest clothing in public. Adopt native clothing, but do abide the local standards of modesty. Be aware that appointments may 8) frequently be interrupted by phone calls and other visits. Forget names of those you meet and learn their correct pronunciations and titles. Have business cards printed in both English and Arabic. Sit with your legs crossed. Showing your shoe soles is considered an ─░nsult to others. Businessmen in Russia usually we ar well-tailored dark suits with dress shoes. Speaking or laughing loudly in public is considered rude, as Russians are generally reserved and sombre. Russia Good conversation topics include food, 6699 LANGUAGES SPOKEN: theatre and current affairs. RUSSIAN ENGLISH Do... Do Not... Take your jacket off during M negotiations. Be on time to all busine ss appointments, although your Russian counterparts may be late. Do not expect an apology, this may be a test of your patience. Stand with your hands in your pockets, this is considered rude. Be aware that 'Final Offers' are not always the end of negotiations. If you can hold out for a better deal, you will usually get one. Show the soles of your shoes, it is considered impolite and they are dirty. Use help from locals to make connections. Gifts or money often help busine ss deals go smoothly. Refuse a drink or accept a toast, doing so is a serious breach of etiquette. Take your gloves off before shaking hands, as it is oonsidered rude not to. Make sure you have both English and Russlan busine ss cards printed. Spanish dress is more formal than many other Europeans. Good taste in apparel is important. Most communication will take place over lunch and dinner. They are an extremely important part of business life in Spain. Spain LANGUAGES SPOKEN BUS SPANISH CATALAN EN GLISH INTERN Do... Do Not... Wear conservative suits and ties, avoid flashy oolours, as it is not popular to stand out. Forget to foster personal relationships. Busine ss in Spain is often based on good relationships. Be punctual, but do not necessarily expect the Spanish to be on time the mselves. Be in a rush to close a business deal. ) Negotiations are usually a long and arduous task. bello Bring your notes in Spanish, even hola) though English is commonly spoken. Prepare for chaotic busine ss negotiations. The Spanish often speak over one another. VISITOK Busine ss conversation may take place during meals, however it is more likely to be a more social conversation. Business suits and ties are appropriate across America. Choose a white or light blue shirt with a grey or navy suit. USA Clean, neat clothing and a well groomed appearance is appreciated in busine ss meetings. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: EN GLISH SPANISH Do... Do Not... Be prepared for meetings to take place at any mealtime, including breakfast. Dinners are usually reserved for building rapport. Give gifts, this is discouraged by many buslnesses, as this could be mistaken for a bribe. Instead a gracious written note is greatly appreciated. Offer a firm handshake, lasting three to five se conds and with good eye contact throughout. Forget to take a modest gift if invited for a meal, however. Include your title (e.g. Mr, Mrs) Mr and your full name on first Mrs meeting somebody. Smoke a cigarette or cigar without asking permission first. Exchange busine ss cards upon first meeting, If possible, but this can also be left until you leave. IDAORT SOURCES: BOARDING PASS b v isu /g lob al-business-etiquette-sala WD Secure Document visually /g lobal-business-etiqu ette-south-america Storage Arahiva v isu ally/g lob al-business-etiquette-north-america /g lob al-business-etiqu ette sou thern-europe www. NOL ETIQUE ETTE NATION ONAL

International Business Etiquette: Part 2

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The second part to our International Business Etiquette guide. If you're going abroad for a meeting there are some vital points you will need to know. Every country approaches etiquette differently so...


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