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Installing The Right Central Heating Systems

INSTALLING THE RIGHT CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEMS 2 Key Issues for Consideration in Central Heating Systems Amount of Heating Required 18° for Bedroom 21°, Number and Ages of Occupants in thế Home for Living Room Type of Fuel Available $$$ A full central heating system is often perceive to add value tỏ a property Suitability of Location and Technícal Feasibility How Much Hot Water is Needed Temperatures above 45° can cause serious injury very quickly Speed of Hot Water Delivery Space Available for Hot Water Appliances Upgrading Central Heating System Controls Heating Tips for Energy Savings improve efficiency of central heating system and cut your costs by about 20% When buying heaters make sure they are the right sizé for the rooms they are to'heat Turn off the heating overnight and during the day when you are õut To keep rooms at a comfortable temperature and provide adequate hot water without waste, you need to add a Turning down the thermostats by 1° can reduce annual space heating energy consumption by 10% Close doors to separate heated from unheated areas and minimize the areas you are heating Proper control and maintenance can reduce fuel consumption by 10 - 20% Room Thermostat Programmer Cylinder Thérmostat Electric heaters consume electricity at a more expensive charge rate Heating Controls Outdated Heating Controls are a Waste of Money Best Heating Controls to Consider No cylinder thermostat - excessive ștored water temperature and risk of scalding Timer - turns your boiler on or off at set timeś No room thermostat - rooms are too hot Programmer - lets you see different times and temperatures for different days of the week No cylinder insuļation - heaț is wasted through the surface of the cylinder Thermostatic radiator valves - allow you to adjust temperature of indívidual radiators and turn them off completely Lack of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVS) – excessive room temperatures and poor heating systėm balancing Plumbing KB and Tiling References: wWW.LOCALPLUMBERSDERBY.CO.UK

Installing The Right Central Heating Systems

shared by shanemarks3 on Jun 28
This is an infographic about the key factors to consider when installing a central heating system. When thinking about having a central heating system, you should consider the fuel you intend to use, ...




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