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Insights from 5 Million Emails

Insights from 5 MĪLLION EMAILS Drowning in email? You're not alone. We spent more time in our inboxes last year than ever before. But what were we actually doing during all those hours? And how can we use that time more effectively? Here's the real story. THE TRUTH ABOUT EMAIL 00 ,OO The average email user receives 147 messages every day, and spends more than 22 hours on email a day On average, we delete 71 of those, which takes just under 5 minutes On average, we get 12 messages a day that require substantial work. Just those messages take up almost 90 minutes per day! Average time per task... SEND LATER: 63.6 SEC People are slightly faster at writing messages to be sent in the future than the ones they send right away. WRITE: 72.3 SEC ARCHIVE: 7,3 SEC The average person writes about 40 messages a day. We archive a quarter of our messages for future reference. BOOMERANG: 10.9 SEC Deciding to defer an email for later takes about 10 sec. DELETE: 3.2 SEC 80% are deleted in under 3 seconds A TIP Recognize how long each action takes and to optimize where it counts. Most time on email is spent on making decisions, doing work and crafting responses. WHEN WE EMAIL WHEN PEOPLE RECOMMEND SENDING EMAILS" *HubSpot, The Science of Email Marketing. of-email-marketng I. ш1 12AM 6AM 12PM 6PM WHEN PEOPLE THINK OTHERS READ EMAILS via Send Later 12AM GAM 12PM 6PM Boomerang lets you schedule a message to be sent in the future, with SEND LATER. Here are the hours when most people schedule messages. WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO READ EMAILS A TIP Send more effectively at the time people want to read their emails. You are more likely to get a reply if you send a non marketing email before work and during lunch. via Boomerang lull. 12AM 6AM 12PM 6PM BOOMERANG brings messages back to your attention when you're ready for them. For most messages, that's around 6 am. GET A RESPONSE The best words to use in email titles WORDS TO USE WORDS NOT TO USE Apply Confirm Opportunity Join Demo Assistance Connect Speaker Payments Press Conference Social Cancellation Invite 3 WAYS TO MASTER EMAIL "NO" Send non-marketing Learn to say no and decide quickly. Reply quickly to important emails emails before work & during lunch *77% of tracked messages expect a response within 2 days How Do We Know This? We analyzed our database of over five million messages to find insightful trends and data! Through those five million messages, we've BOOMERANG saved our customers thousands of hours and FOR GMail helped them boost sales, stay organized, and learn to love their Inboxes. created by Email smarter with lemon ly

Insights from 5 Million Emails

shared by Lemonly on Feb 15
Last year, people spent more time wading through their emails than any year before. This infographic we did for Boomerang analyzes the best times to send emails, the worst words to use in email titles...




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