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Inside the mind of a Successful Manager

An effective manager isn't Inside the tyrannical. They don't command unnecessarily, micromanage, or instill fear. A successful manager Mind of a can be approachable, amicable, and even downright compassionate. These managers lead teams of satisfied employees, Successful which reduces turnover and Manager boosts morale and productivity. Here are the key qualities of a successful manager. Interest and Talent The best managers have personalities that are predisposed to the role: Strong work ethic • Natural leadership Genuine interest in helping others • Intent on finding the right solutions You intuitively create diverse teams that effectively work with customers, partners, and even your competitors Trust and Reputation 1 IN 5 employees feel Olst is the most important component of an employee-boss relationship low you gain your team's trust: * You're an excellent listener * You take initiative to find creative Attending to your employees' needs can reduce turnover, solutions for complex problems * You follow through on goals, striving which costs the UL for consistency and transparency * Your communication amongst $11 billion departments streamlines workflow and builds your image aswually * You focus on inspiring your team, O = 1 billion rather than intimidating them * You accept changes as part of growth, and encourage employees to do the same Diplomacy low you unify 1 IN 10 employees say faviness important component of an employee-boss relationship is the most your team: You keep your sights on what's right – not what you want right now Occasional compromise also helps with trust and reputation, so you can go with your instinct when it's most valuable You strive for consensus, unifying the team and keeping you from being “the bad guy" Over 1 IN 8 say patience In conflict, you encourage is others to suggest solutions, reducing reliance on you as the sole mediator 71% of employees aren't fully engaged Most common reason? A strained relationship with their supervisor 60% say they'd work harder if that relationship improved Guidance 1 IN 6 employees feel respect important component of an employee-boss relationship is the most low you quide your team: You clearly advise employees of their strengths and weaknesses You listen to your team's needs Reprimanding employees in front of their peers embarrasses them and compromises your integrity; instead, do this privately and keep your cool! 1IN 10 say open communication is Nearly Celebrate success! Don't just say it - show it! ABOUT 1 IN 3 U.S. WORKERS WANT TO leave reir pros say their bosses make them feel of Americans ONLY 35% would prefer a 31% pay raise over a better boss underappreciated and unmotivated A graduate-level business education could help you become the manager that motivates them to stay. - * SOURCES * http://www.ine.0om/geoffrey-james/8-oore-beliefs-of-extraordinary-bosses.html Notable_alumni PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY Graziadio School of Business and Management .........

Inside the mind of a Successful Manager

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Understanding the different dynamics that make up the employee-boss relationship


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