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Inside The Investor's Mind

Inside The Investors's Mind Jeff Clavier Walks Through Early Investment Analysis by Anna Vital How do I feel about working with this team 5-7 years? 1 developer 1 designer 1 business expert the ideal combo alpha product. releasedM too many people 5 founders lonely journey, but you can do it solo founder (ex. Lis there organic retention? seen it work - married (ex. Eventbrite) what's the user who will build? acquisition model? all business experts team product Enterprise within revenue opportunities $10-$50M ISgos) 3 years revenue feedback from early users - retention is key- comparables unit economics- - 10M-100M Consumer product LTV RVP rDAU -rough acquisition costs SEM Facebook PPI users traction last as long as you can (family&friends) 0 S1OOK market opportunity Bogtstrap I like everything so far, but what will it take to raise Series A 18 months from now Seed llasts 12-18 months $IM $1.5M lasts 2 years Series A $3M - $5M Are VCs build (ex. e-commerce interested in this type of product? is it expensive to marketplace) Series B $8M - $15M valuation ok, I'l invest funding who who's joining us? incubators 5%-10% 1-3 UVCS 5-15 seed round 1 traditional VC- (if you must) option pool 10%20% round 20%-25% in cap table helpful angels (with expertise, time, Rolodex, syndication) Series A 20%-25% other investors founder dilution always use lawyers don't talk to competitors incorporation & convertible note $5000 pre-marketing - 5 funds equity round $20,000 $30,000 while fundraising -10 out of life of $30,000 -other rounds $50,000 20-25 funds funds contacted cost of funding -yes- no crisp vision of product- will the Lcompany great!- raise - no vision how to acquire users series A? no- let's find a soft landing founder says "In 5 years Google will buy us" acquisition aquihire what never works is it working? I can sum it all up for you in my "3-Asses Rule" Does it work? smart team kick Jeff Clavier Managing Partner, SoffTechVC product market big Traditional VC expectation: "I will lose 30% of my investments" 140 companies funded SoftTechVC's Result (lost about 20%) (since 2004) 7ex. 17x return still going on 25 30 got dead acquired SoftTech VC FOT

Inside The Investor's Mind

shared by annavital on Jan 18
Fundres and Founders together with investor Jeff Clavier, of SoftTechVC walk through his thinking process when he evaluates a startup.


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