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Infographic: Why Aren’t Your Employees Using Their Vacation Time?

VACATIONS WHY AREN'T WE TAKING THEM? Most HR professionals agree that employees would benefit from taking more vacation days. Yet a great number of American workers do not take advantage of all their paid time off. Why is that? WHY YOU SHOULD A vast majority of HR experts believe that taking more vacation time would: INCREASE JOB SATISFACTION INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVE PERFORMANCE INCREASE ENGAGEMENT THE REALITY The average employee only takes half of his or her eligible paid vacation time off 85% 75% don't take all of their available time off take some time off 25% 15% take all their time off don't take any time off 61% of companies report employees have an average of 3+ unused vacation days each year 0% time used 100% 15% time used ΕPLOYEES 25% ΕΠPLOYES 25% 1-25% EMPLOYEES time used 10% EMPLOYEES 76-99% time used 10% EMPLOYEES 15% EMPLOYEES 51-75% time used 26-50% time used USE IT OR LOSE IT 000 נם 0O 00 00 0O 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 62% 38% Companies that allow employees to roll over vacation days Companies that do not allow employees to roll over vacation days 73% 36% of employees in such companies have 3+ unused vacation days annually of employees in such companies have 3+ unused vacation days annually WORKING WHILE ON VACATION Just because they are on vacation doesn't mean that they are relaxing. II % 61 % admit to doing some work while on vacation use vacation time to interview for other jobs WHY ARE THEY WORKING? Believe no one at company can do the work 33% Fear of getting behind 28% Complete dedication to company 22% Want a promotion 19% Feel like they can't be disconnected 19% Want a pay raise 18% Afraid of not meeting goals 17% Fear of losing job 7%ו Believe working is better than not working 16% Want to outperform colleagues 13% Afraid of the boss 6% WHY CAN'T WE DISCONNECT WHILE VACATIONING? Even if they are not necessarily working, many people say that it is impossible for them to completely disconnect from work while on vacation. 24% 20% contacted by co-workers about a work-related matter contacted by their boss about a work-related matter Leave 9% 17% have family members who complain about work have a difficult time not 00 thinking about work SOURCES Humanity X HTTP://Www.SHRMORG/ABOUT/PRESSROor/PRESSRELEASES/PAGES/VACATIONBENEFITSASPX HTTP://MwW.BUSINESSNEWSDAILY.Cor/5459-NOT-GIVING-YOUR-STAFF-VACATION-TIME-BIG-MISTAKE HTNL HTTP://MwW.GLASSDOOR.Cor/BLOG/AVERAGE-EMPLOEE-TAKES-EARNED-VCATION-TiME-GLASSDOOR-EMPLOYMENT-CONFIDENCE-SURVEY-OI-20M/ Leave

Infographic: Why Aren’t Your Employees Using Their Vacation Time?

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You would think that every employee would look forward to taking time off from work, right? Then why is it that more than half of American workers don’t use all of the time off they are given? He...





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