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INFOGRAPHIC- Whats so difficult about S&OP?

THE DIFFICULT PART OF S&OP? (Converting Stubborn & Obstinate People into a Synergistic & Optimistic Pack!) So what do we need to do to • Collaborative Culture • Behaviour Change • Conflict Resolution Rules Reason most S&OP "Реople ensure success in our implementations face issues S&OP Programme? • Roles & Responsibilities • S&OP Meeting • Implementing process Framework for S&OP Decisions • KPIS Data What most companies focus on during implementing S&OP Metrics • Reports 1 CEO/MD sponsorship: Planning Tools Enabling Solutions Planning Decisions (Horizons/Levels etc) • Business Scenarios Anything less is going to hobble your S&OP efforts. Elements of S&OP 2 Appoint S&OP Champion/ Change Manager: Needs to be reporting directly to CEO/MD and be outside the Sales , Operations and Finance ´3 Behavioural Coaching and Training : This should be a must for all key participants, to drive a collaborative environment. Conflicts and attitudes need to be brought to the surface and addressed.. Its very helpful at this stage to involve professional behavioural experts . This could happen as a series of workshops upfront before S&OP is instituted. 4 Involve all teams :in the design and structures to be unbiased and development phase of the enabling solutions and report definitions , For example, Granularity , Frequency and Horizons of Reporting need to be aligned and agreed. accepted. 5 Align Incentives: You WILL need to review how performance is measured and 7 Key Accounts rewarded. KPI should be Transparency in Information and Communication: :Everyone needs to be on board if there are cases transparent and agreed by all Marketing Innovation teams. Sales Operations S&OP where Sales has more priority over operations or vice versa. 6 Finonce Conflict Resolution process : Define and document an agreed conflict resolution process between teams 8 Restructure /Relocate teams if necessary: Its essential that the S&OP Meeting is a face to which covers tie-break rules in cases of limited availability of material, time, resources or funds.. face encounter between the key stakeholders and participation should be mandatory. In case your functions or functional heads sit in separate locations it may be a worthwhile option to move them physically closer. Sometimes new roles may need to be defines and team structures changed to move from a Always remember that instituting S&OP is a evolving journey not a time bound project Silo to a collaborative structure. It's a change in lifestyle , which is permanent and people need time and support to enable them to cope with the change. Think of it as adopting a healthy lifestyle VS dieting. 9 Emphasis on Commercial and Operational Discipline: Minimize ad-hoc processes. This usually comes from the top and the leaders of various functions will need to set examples so that their teams get the message. 10 Document and Broadcast : its essential Keep in mind that some off These points apply to the wider teams as well and not just the key stakeholders attending the S&OP to communicate and celebrate the successes and learnings from the S&OP Process. You may also want to Track improvements / and savings made as case studies etc to capture the organizational journey , especially if you are a global company who wants to replicate the process in other geographies / businesses. meeting. , as most often it's the extended teams where the conflicts rise in many cases. 1ACMA Jay. [email protected]

INFOGRAPHIC- Whats so difficult about S&OP?

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10 points focussed on improving you chances of succeeding at S&OP


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