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Infographic: Translation Pricing Masterclass

TRANSLATION PRICING Translate By Hümans Masterclass We are making the world talk MACHINE VS. HUMAN Cannot Localize Contextual Content Relevance Appropriate Embarrass- ingly Cryptic Translations Sentence Construction May Offend Accurate and Reliable Readers Content FREELANCERS OR LSPS ? FREELANCERS LSPS French Spanish Dedicated English Project Manager TT Language Experts Mandarin Hindi TT TT Malay TT TT You have to coordinate with multiple A single point of contact regardless of the volume of work or number of languages people for multiple projects PRICING MODELS Per word pricing is used for files where a definite word count can be found. It may be calculated based on the word count before or after translation. PER WORD Source language word count Target langvage word count 500 words x $0.10 = $50.00 550 words x $0.10 = $55.00 Per page pricing is used mainly for image files, handwritten documents or files from which an electronic word count cannot be obtained. PER PAGE HAND WRITTEN DOCUMENTS' PNG JPG PER This model is usually only feasible for previous translations that need to be revised and updated. HOUR Editing Opdating Translation Delivery Editing t Updating Flat fee pricing is not the most preferred pricing model as what you're paying for is unclear. This model is sed as a last resort if no other models make sense for a project. FLAT FEE Document Word count ?? Format?? Ambiguous Time Taken?? Project management costs can often outweigh the actval cost of translation. Service providers set a minimuvm price to help manage those costs, especially for small projects. MINIMUM FEE Time SMALL LARGE PROJECT Energy PROJECT Coordination FACTORS Langvage Translators Price DEMAND & SUPPLY Common There are fewer resources available for rare langvage combinations, for which demand is also lower. For this reason, the price for rare langvages will always be higher than popular language-pairs. Rare Very Rare FRANCE COUNTRY'S ECONOMY Taxes Average income A reputed LSP will always source trans- lations from native langvage speakers who spend a significant amount of time in the country from where the language originates. The economic climate of the country and standard of living will play a huge role in deciding the price of the VIE TNAM Taxes V Averoge income translation. WORD COUNT TRANSLATOR'S EXPERIENCE (Words Cost Quality Content As word count increases, the overall cost of a project decreases! All translated text is stored in a translation memory, so for each succeeding order, you're charged less for every repeated word! No external proofreading Years of experience FILE FORMAT XLS Certain files are more difficult to work with than others, and so the price of translation is directly proportional to the complexity of a file format, more complex less complex CATEGORY OF TEXT TRANSLATOR REQUIREMENTS O Langvage expertise O & Industry experience O O Langvage certifications O O Specialized edvcational background O GENERAL DOCUMENTS SPECIALIZED DOCUMENTS ISO 9001:2015 Certified [email protected]

Infographic: Translation Pricing Masterclass

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Check out our guide on translation pricing models to learn how language service providers determine the cost of your translation & localization projects.


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