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[Infographic] Reasons Why Brands Are Making Flat Logo Designs

10 Reasons Why Brands Are Making Flat Logo Designs Flat logo designs have been trending for some time now. Many brands changed their logo design from 3D to flat design for reasons such as improvise corporate identity and essential brand building. 1 TRENDY XFamous brands have adopted flat logo designs. X Appealing, modern and up to date. X Flat designs have improvised usability HERSHEY'S Google NETFLIX 2 CRISP VISUALS X Brands shifted to uncluttered visuals. X Simpler fonts look better on screens. XUncomplicated yet creative. Walmart * Microsoft amazon (DELL) 3 REDUCED EFFORTS X Less efforts thus less time-consuming for designer. X More empty spaces for the viewer to grasp information. X Flat typography is easier to read. ebay SUBWAY CALVIN KLEIN ТАСО BELL / 4 CREATIVE TWIST X A different way to attract consumers. X Doesn't resemble real-life elements. X Perfect match for a modern era consumer interaction. Dove @ airbnb DID YOU KNOW? Flat design has been inspired by three different forms of art- The Swiss Style, Bauhaus and Modernism. 5 SIMPLIFICATION X Remove 3D and other elements to simplify. X Use of simple elements and rule of thirds. X Avoids the excessive use of gradients and shadows. logitech IHOP AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE envato 6 FLEXIBLE X Can be redesigned easily as it has less layers. X Can be paired with animations easily. X Easy aesthetics thus easily works with heavy websites. FedEx LACOSTE TOBLERONE CNBC 7 BOLD COLOR COMBO XFlat logo design is dependent on bold and solid colors. XMakes branding more powerful and catchy XGive a look of novelty without losing its value. TOM M Y COSTCO EWHOLESALE NOKIA HILFIGER DID YOU KNOW? The term “Flat Design" was originally coined by Allen Grinshtein of Layervault. 8 EASY TO REMEMBER X Simple and balanced logos are easier to remember. X Not overloaded with information. X Mostly uses simple elements of design. M Pizza Hut YouTube / 9 COST EFFECTIVE X Flat logo designs cut down the use of ink used for print. X According to Sylvain Boyer, CNN logo uses 38% less ink. X Eco-friendly as they require less material. CNN GUCCI LG 10 ENHANCED UX X Reduced complexity of icons. X Improved Ul to eliminate distraction. X Clear visual hierarchy. ROLEX SOUNDCLOUD Domino's References: 8 +logodesigngurucorp in /company/logodesignguru f logodesignguru y elogodesignguru LOGO DESIGN GURUS ------- -

[Infographic] Reasons Why Brands Are Making Flat Logo Designs

shared by logodesignguru on Nov 15
Why are most logos turning flat? Something we all see and wonder. Check out our list of top 10 reasons why brands get flat logos.


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