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(Infographic) Graduate Employment 2015 Statistics

LIFE AFTER COLLEGE Graduate Employment 2015 "The latest crop of college graduates are highly resourceful and pragmatic – a positive sign for both students and employers. Unfortunately, while many organisations are focusing on attracting top young talent, they're struggling to provide learning and development opportunities for them once they join. Companies need to develop a talent supply chain that addresses continued development and retention with the same rigour it does recruiting.y, David Smith Senior Managing Director, Accenture Strategy* "The expert quoted is in no way affiliated with College Living. Industries & Areas of Interest 60% 36% Over 60% of 2014 college graduates were encouraged to pursue a STEM degree. STEM = science, technology, engineering & mathematics. 36% were discouraged from pursuing a humanities / liberal arts degree. Attitudes to Employment 1 in 2 consider themselves 4 in 5 believe their education prepared them well for employment. Almost 3 in 4 expect to be in their 1st job for at least 3 years. More than 4 in 5 looked underemployed, or in selecting their major. a job that does not require a college degree. at the jobs market before Source: Accenture 2015 College Graduate Employment Survey Top 10 College Degrees by Early Career Salary Potential Computer Science & Engineering Petroleum Chemical Computer Engineering Nuclear Engineering Engineering Engineering $102,300 €93,510 $69,600 €63,600 $67,300 €61,550 $67,000 €61,200 $66,700 €61,000 Electrical & Electronics & Electrical Aerospace Engineering Actuarial Communications Computer Engineering $6,500 €60,800 Engineering Mathematics $65,900 €60,250 $64,700 €59,180 Engineering $64,100 €58,600 $60,800 €55,500 10 Source: Euro values are estimated. Key Takeaway Graduating with an advanced degree in a specific sector of engineering can be highly lucrative long term. Expectations Vs Reality Salary Training Internships Job Role More than 4 in 5 2015 Almost 8 in 10 of 2015 More than 7 in 10 2015 graduates expect to earn $25,000 / €22,800 +а year. graduates expect formal training from their 1st employer. graduates completed an internship or apprenticeship. A little over 6 in 10 2014 graduates are working in their chosen field. But, only 2 in 5 2014 graduates earned $25,000 / €22,800 or less a year. But, only a little over 5 in 10 2014 graduates received formal employer training. But, less than 5 in 10 2014 graduates found a job as a result of completing one. Attracting Top College Graduates 64% believe that they need to pursue further education to get the job they want. Organisations should invest in learning & development to differentiate themselves as an employer of choice, but also develop skills within the workforce. Only 15% want to work for large companies. Be Small Be Invested 64% will use a mobile app to search and / or apply for a job. 27% consider social networking the most effective way to find a job. Be Social Be Different in Invest in the employee experience. After salary and benefits, 39% value interesting & challenging work, 37% value flexible work hours & 34% value 60% would prefer to work in Be Positive a company with a good social atmosphere & a lower salary, than receive a higher salary in a company with a poor work environment. opportunities for rapid advancement. Source: Accenture 2015 College Graduate Employment Survey ICOLLEGE LIVING References w/us-en/_acnmedia/Accenture/Conversion-Assets/DotCom/Documents /Global/PDF/Dualpub_15/Accenture-2015-Grad-Research-Weakest-Link-Infographic.pdf young-employees-being-underemployed-according-to-research-from-accenture.htm 画 .....

(Infographic) Graduate Employment 2015 Statistics

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More than four in five 2015 college graduates expect to earn $25,000 / €22,800 or more a year, but only two in five 2014 college graduates earned $25,000 / €22,800 or less a year.Only fifteen perc...


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