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INFOGRAPHIC: The Elements of Brand Love in Content

THE ELEMENTS BRAND LOVE IN CONTENT THERE ARE FOUR BASIC EMOTIONS. AND THEIR OPPOSITES. Наppiness Trust Fear Surprise Sadness Disgust Anger Anticipation But.there are many levels and depths to each. ↑ ↑ ↑ Ecstasy Admiration Terror Amazement Grief Loathing Rage Vigilance HAPPINESS TRUST FEAR SURPRISE SADNESS DISGUST ANGER ANTICIPATION Serenity Acceptance Apprehension Distraction Pensiveness Boredom Annoyance Interest TOP 5 MOST SHARED AFTER REVIEWING EMOTIONAL MARKETING MESSAGES ARE 7,000 EMOTIONAL RESPONSES 2x NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLES, 1. AMUSEMENT 2. INTEREST 3. SURPRISE RESEARCHERS FOUND AS EFFECTIVE* THE MOST SHARED WERE AS PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES OVERWHELMINGLY 4. HAPPINESS 5. DELIGHT *31% effective vs. 16% when only promotional messaging was used and 26% when promotional and emotional messaging were combined POSITIVE YOU ARE THE SUM TOTAL OF WHAT PEOPLE do and fel WHEN INTERACTING WITH YOUR STUFF Andy Sernovitz on brand marketing EMOTIONS THE CHEMICAL AND YOUR BRAIN FORMULA FOR LOVE It only takes three seconds to have a gut reaction to something. High amounts of dopamine (motivation driver) and norepinephrine (excitory stimulator) and low amounts of seratonin (mood regulator) Emotions process 5x faster than our conscious brain. combine to result in the euphoria we recognize as love. Emotions make a more lasting Increased dopamine levels are found in people who are in love, but it also results in the ability to remember an event with greater accuracy. imprint than rational thought. The part of your brain that processes images is next to the place that process emotions. THE THREE Magic wolds IN CONTENT MESSAGING (NOT I LOVE YOU) 66 66 66 “You" “Because" “Free" 99 99 ACTIVATES THE BRAIN RATIONALE PROVIDES OUR BRAINS ARE WITH A SENSE OF PERSONAL CONNECTION MEANING FOR THE PROGRAMMED TO BE EMOTION EXPRESSED AVERSE TO LOSS Lesbans in Love FOR CONTENT MARKETERS EMBRACE AWE PICTURE THIS BE PASSIONATE Whether you choose to take a challenging stance, ask a provocative question or simply state a startling fact, your brand can tap in to the power of surprise to connect with customers and Images work quickly to convey emotions and express often complex ideas. Leverage compelling imagery, but don't be afraid to leave out faces. While it may seem counterintuitive, brand photos without faces have been shown to receive 23% more shares. Showing the human side of your brand is an easy way to develop a more emotional persona. Share what really gets you inspired. Give a glimpse behind the charity work you do or lives you've improved. But always be authentic. create more shareable content. SOURCES Executive Board: The End of Solution Sales one spot TM Milward Brown Knowledge Point: Should My Advertising Stimulate an Emotional Reponse Fast Company: Which Words Matter Most When You Talk BuzzSumo: Why Content Goes Viral Buffer Blog: The Science of Emotion in Marketing

INFOGRAPHIC: The Elements of Brand Love in Content

shared by onespot on Feb 12
While the need for emotional content may be a hot topic in marketing circles lately, it is by no means a new concept. Advertising bigwig Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi) published Lo...





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