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[Infographic] The Content Marketing Matrix for Small Businesses

CONTENT MARKETING MEDIA MATRIX FOR SMALL BUSINESSES There are many types of content that businesses can use for content marketing. Which types are best for promoting your small business could vary depending on the products or services offered and the consumers targeted. PRWeb has created this matrix to show how different types of content can appeal to different consumers and offers facts or suggestions about each. The top REACH MORE PEOPLE MORE EFFECTIVELY WITH THIS QUICK GUIDE shows the different types of content, the bottom explains how it can be used. EASE OF IMPLEMENTAION EASY DIFFICULT AUDIO OR PODCAST SOCIAL MEDIA PRESSRELEASE PODCASTFEED Blog ARTICLE OR WHITE PAPER BLOG MUSIC ANIMATION TELECLASS OR TELECAST IMAGES INFOGRAPHIC WEBINARS INTERACTIVE GAME SLIDE SHOW VIDEO APPLICATIONS GET TO KNOW THESE CONTENT MARKETING FORMATS SOCIAL MEDIA PRESS RELEASE AUDIO OR PODCAST PODCAST FEED Like a blog, but the updates are shorter. According to respondents of the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, using social media marketing: Text-based article that makes an An audio recording, often an interview or sometimes a podcast created to teach. Audio recordings and podcasts are great because people can listen while they're doing other things. The most memorable audio content will seep into the Like a blog, but instead of a series of text updates, it is a series of podcast updates. Keep your audio content interesting and people will be coming back for more. Busy people that like to stay informed tend to gravitate to podcast feeds. According to Pew Research, podcasting has grown 30% in recent years with nearly 90,000 podcasts availbile. announcement. PRWeb and other sites distribute press releases to every major news site and search engine on the Web, putting your brand in front of consumers and > Over 56% acquired new business partnerships journalists. PRWeb research indicates adding multimedia to your press release can improve time on page by as much as nearly brains of even the most inattentive > Nearly 60% saw improved search rankings > About 69% have gathered marketplace insights listener. One popular site for audio, BlogTalkRadio, boasts 1.5 million original episodes 30 seconds. BLOG ARTICLE OR WHITEPAPER MUSIC ANIMATION Text-based publication that is updated on a regular basis. Consumers that prefer blogs tend to want to spend time pouring over information, and absorbing details in text form is easiest for them. The A type of online content that is more informative than a blog post and is often submitted to a publication service or distributed as premium content. According to a 2011 survey by Content Marketing Institute, articles are the most popular form of content, with 79% of marketers publishing them regularly. A Google search produces more than 1 billion results for white papers. An adventurous type of content in which to participate: audio branding. Music for content marketing purposes could be as simple as a few notes and words or as complex as full-length musical comedy act. Think of the jingle or the Free Credit bands. Music content can be particularly effective when combined with Images and audio combined together. Web animations can be used to break down complicated information and appeal to audiences of all ages. B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report from CMI and Marketing Profs shows that the use of blogs as marketing tools has increased to 65% from 51% in 2010. In addition for their potential for going viral, web animations can enhance presentations and pitches by demonstrating products, services and benefits. visual elements. IMAGES INFOGRAPHIC WEBINARS TELECLASS OR TELECAST An image that depicts information. If a picture can say a thousand words, Audio combined with presentation slides, Q and A and chat provide a content experience that can also A live presentation that is given to multiple people. Informational group calls might involve a few people to a few hundred to several thousand participants. These Viewers that are interested in photographs and graphics often spend time carefully examining your imagery. Have you tried Instagram? the combination of information and imagery could be worth several thousand. Some popular places for finding infographics include and Pinterest. says cave paintings some 30,000 years BC were among the first infographics. be replayed when stored in an online archive. According to respondents of a survey by the Content Marketing Institute, Instagram is not a flash in the pan! events can result in such content > Instagram gains one new user every second opportunities as recordings, transcripts and liveblogging. webinars are rated #2 as the most > One billion photos have been taken with the app effective content marketing tactic behind in-person events. > There are roughly 58 photos uploaded each second SLIDE SHOW VIDEO APPLICATIONS INTERACTIVE GAME A series of images through which a viewer can progress through at leisure. Applications for both computers and mobile devices are exploding all over the internet. Gamification and social gaming often includes offering trophies for unlocking achievements. Visually oriented viewers often don't want to spend time reading. They also want to see your products in action. Video is a great way to appeal to prospects. Some YouTube video statistics: > Gamification ranks 4th in Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2012 > The Gamification market is anticipated to reach $3.6 billion by 2017 According to a SlideShare analysis, the most popular decks have many There are more than a million applications available for mobile, with 500,000 available at the Apple store and 500,000 for Android. slide but few words. Number of slides per presentation: 65. Number of words per slide: 32. > 800+ million unique users visit monthly > Over 3 billion hours of video > Mobile platform gamification is expected to increase by 90% by 2017 watched each month > 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute SOURCES REQUIRED ATTENTION LESS MORE

[Infographic] The Content Marketing Matrix for Small Businesses

shared by PRWeb on Nov 22
PRWeb has created this matrix to show how different types of content can appeal to different consumers and offers facts or suggestions about each.




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