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Industrial Water Purification

You could give your people INDUSTRIAL Culligan Water WATER PURIFICATION f. Industrial water purification is the process that takes contaminated source water and treats it, producing pure process water. A variety of industrial water filtration processes are utilized in the treatment of industrial water purification, including: Testing & Screening Water must be tested, before it can be treated/purified. The test(s) reveal exactly what contaminants need to be removed, and which types of treatment the water must undergo. Once tested and screened, the water is purified by the industrial water purification system. Activated Carbon Filtration The first treatment that source water undergoes the process of filtration through activated carbon adsorption. The activated carbon attracts and removes chlorine and other organic compounds from the source water, trapping impurities in the tank, while filtered water flows through. Deionization In order to further rid source water of contaminants that can damage delicate systems, the water is typically treated through the process of deionization. Deionization is the chemical process of removing dissolved ions and impurities from water through the method of ion exchange. This neutralizes ions in the water with ions that are low in impurities, producing high-quality, purified water. Water Softening Industrial water purification systems frequently include an industrial water softener to remove any calcium, manganese, magnesium, and other dissolved minerals that may pollute source water. Utilizing an industrial water softener makes an industrial water purification system more effective, as it prevents scale build-up and pipe blockages. rr Conclusion Industrial water purification systems play an important role in ensuring that water used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities, is free of contaminants that can cause harm. You can count on Culligan Industrial Water to exceed the highest standards for quality and safety and provide the purified water needed to help your facility run smoothly. For more information about industrial water purification, @2019 Culligan Industrial Water visit us at today!

Industrial Water Purification

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Industrial water purification is the process that takes contaminated source water and treats it, producing pure process water. Culligan Industrial has the experts to custom-design the right industria...


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