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Industrial Water Filtration

You could give your people Industrial Water Filtration Culligan Water Fact Sheet Industrial Water Filtration Prevents Damage to Industrial Systems Various industry practices require a tremendous amount of water in order to function, and this water is strictly monitored and regulated. Ensuring that the water used in your company's systems is properly filtered and treated is imperative. If left untreated, the dissolved solids and contaminants in water used for industrial processes can wreak havoc throughout the system. This can lead to obstructed pipes and valves, scale buildup, overheating and possible system failure. The only way to guarantee that your industrial systems remain safe, is to 1) have built-in water treatment systems designed by Culligan Industrial Water; and 2) have the water treatment systems well-maintained. The following are industries that rely on water treated wvith an industrial water filtration system: Hospitals Any services in a hospital, from a routine procedure to full surgery, require pure, filtered water in order to run smoothly. If the water used during an operation has not been treated by an industrial water filtration system, the dissolved contaminants could react with the surgical tools or a person's cells, causing deadly hazards or infections. Food & Beverage When it comes to creating food and drinks that taste consistently great, companies turn to industrial water filtration to remove all dissolved solids from the water, ensuring that the water quality is constantly at its best. This lets food and beverage manufacturers make multiple batches of the same product that taste the same every time. Pharmaceutical Production When companies manufacture pharmaceuticals, it is important that there are no variables in the mixture that could taint or foul the intended purpose of the medication. By running their source water through an industrial water filtration system, pharmaceutical companies remove any chance that trace chemicals or minerals might alter the finished product. To learn more information about how Culligan's industrial water filtration systems could help in your company, visit us at: ©2019 Culligan Industrial Water

Industrial Water Filtration

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Water that’s used in industrial processes is heavily regulated and must be treated prior to use in order to ensure purity. The only way to guarantee that your industrial systems remain safe from imp...


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