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Indispensable Time Management Hacks to Get More Out of Your Work Day

Indispensable Time Management Hacks to Get More Out of Your Work Day 9:30 Tips to manage time MORNING Set goals • Create at least 1 goal a day • Have one goal for each primary area of your life. For example, have one for: IÊI Work O Health Finances Make tasks • Decide on highest-value goal for the day • Create tasks to achieve that goal • Set a maximum of 3 priority tasks per day Prioritize tasks • Prioritize your work day before leaving home • When your to-do list looks endless: Choose the top 5 tasks for the day * Prioritize them a Work on them in order of priority Schedule time to Set a deadline plan and think When you separate planning time and task execution, If someone else sets a deadline for you: Schedule your own deadline you complete tasks faster before the official deadline Take advantage of your brain's best hours • Most of our brains have an optimal productivity window of about 2 hours that starts 2 hours after we wake up To take advantage of this time: Wake up at the same time every day • Important to get on a schedule 80 for this to be effective • Consistency is key Schedule your most difficult tasks during these two hours • Bonus tip: Don't drink your first cup of coffee until you reach the 2-hour window Focus on a single task at a time • Multitasking is a wasteful way to work • You achieve more when you work on one activity at a time AFTERNOON Taking a break is crucial A study by the Dragium Group found that their top-performing employees worked hard for 52 minutes, then rested for 17 minutes To optimize your hours: Come up with goals for your Schedule all your tasks in 1-hour intervals 17-minute breaks Get away from the computer during these breaks Review calls you made during the day Focus as hard as you can Take a 17-minute Get feedback break from coworkers Resume what Go for a walk you were doing Find your extra half hour • Useful for salespeople who want to optimize the amount of time they're spending on certain tasks • Their hustle is what puts them ahead of their competitors • All it takes is an extra 30 minutes a day to improve your hustle The idea works like this: Record what you accomplish in this half hour Put in an extra 30 minutes of work every day • Can be in the morning, afternoon, or evening • The extra time improves your odds of closing a sale and allows you to hone in on your craft Write down what you achieved and what you learned Go back and reflect on it • 30 minutes every day adds up to 2.5 hours a week END OF THE DAY Separate strategic and mindless tasks • Work on high-value strategic tasks earlier in the day • During the last hour of the day (when you're tired), work through mindless tasks Do a weekly review of the past 7 days Check both your Remind yourself of your goals for the year and make inboxes and get through plans to work on them in the coming week Review your calendar for the past and current personal and week. Look for loose company email ends and matters that need further attention as many as you can This practice will help you plan your schedule and avoid surprises AT HOME Get enough sleep Cutting out sleep to have more fun or get work done is a destructive habit • Being tired prevents you from making an effective use of your time zzz • If you are driven to achieve results, it's easy to neglect yourself and work all the time • You should always have time on your schedule for enjoyable activities Time Management Apps Google Calendar Dropbox 31 梦 Dropbox • Enable task section and assign different colors to stay organized Transfer content from your computer to other devices • Send yourself email reminders for important activities • Create multiple calendars for different teams or areas of your life • Access and share important files on the go Evernote Capture all your ideas, thoughts, and images in different ways: ) Voice 曾 Notes EVERNOTE A Images • Record meetings, interviews, speeches, and ideas • Create lists • Add voice or text attachments • Share your files with friends and coworkers Toggl Last Pass ***** LastPass toggl **** • Great alternative to time sheets • Saves passwords • Track how much time you spend on projects • Automatically fills password Taking the time to properly manage and plan out your time can help your day be less stressful and go more smoothly. Try these tips and apps to make more efficient use of your time. Brought to you by In Partership with SUREPAYROLL A Paychex® Company GHERGICH&Co.

Indispensable Time Management Hacks to Get More Out of Your Work Day

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A study by the Dragium Group found that their top performing employees worked hard for 52 minutes, then rested for 17 minutes. Get several tips to better manage your time and take a look at these exce...


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