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Increase your conversation rates

PRESENTED BY: Creative;hirst INCREASE YOUR CONVERSION RATES Convert More Clicks Into Customers Get more sales and leads using Conversion Rate Optimization, the art and science of improving your online results through A/B and Multivariate Testing. Most marketers struggle with knowing what exactly to test to make improvements. This systematic approach will help you get it right every time. What Is Your Data Telling You? Dive into your web analytics to understand where your customers are clicking on your website. Look at your top landing pages and your top exit pages to find out where to start improving. Then create conversion funnels to understand where your visitors are dropping out. GET STARTED: ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Segment your web analytics data based on different customer types. What Are Your Visitors Telling You? There are some things data just can't tell you. Dig deep to find out why your visitors are buying and more importantly why they aren't. Conduct open ended survey questions like: WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST CONCERN ON THIS WEB PAGE? WHAT'S THE NUMBER ONE REASON YOU DID NOT BUY TODAY? GET STARTED: ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Use social media and reviews on competitor sites to understand even more about what customers are looking for in their own words. What Are Your Customers Doing? Walk through the thought process of users click by click. Conduct usability tests with at least 5 users in your demographic or better yet actual users of your site. Set up specific task based scenarios, without leading users by the hand, to spot points of friction and anxiety in their minds. GET STARTED: ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Do usability tests on your competitor's web sites. Formulate Your Research Questions Compare all of your web analytics, visitor surveys and usability test data and use it to write several questions that you can further investigate through testing. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Your final research question should start with the word "Which". Form Your Hypothesis ---- -----' . ---- --- ------- ----- --- ------ ----- Take the one research question that will have the most impact on your conversion rate and write out a hypothesis that is testable. Your hypothesis should help you gain a better understanding of how your visitors buy and think, regardless of the test outcome. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate information to form your own hypothesis. "If_ [visitors will do this]_, then [this]_ will happen and [this] is why." Develop your Test Test treatments or changes, including the design, copy, AB your layout, etc., which support your research question to prove or disprove your hypothesis. GET STARTED: Google Analytics Content Experiments ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Use variable cluster testing to get the maximum results. Uncover the Insights Once your test has reached a significant confidence level, take a step back. Look at all the variations in the test then compare the results with your hypothesis and research question. Analyze the big picture based on all of your earlier visitor research to understand what happened and why. Test, test, test! Each test gives you more insights and understanding to formulate a new hypothesis and make more improvements. To maximize your success contact Creative Thirst for a FREE consultation: [email protected] About Creative Thirst: Creative Thirst is a conversion rate optimization agency. Specializing in driving your website visitors to take more action and grow your revenue. We provide full-service A/B and Multivariate testing services including: Testing strategy and planning, Web Analytics, Copywriting, Usability Testing, Web Design, Development and Analysis Copyright © Creative Thirst LLC. The Conversion Rate Optimization Agency. 71 Marinus Street, Rochelle Park, N.J. 07662 U.S. A ART: RUSSELLT TATE.COM

Increase your conversation rates

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Infographic chart explaining the steps involved to increase sales and leads using CRO


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