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Increase Nonprofit Holiday Giving with Social Fundraising

Increase Nonprofit Holiday Giving With Social Fundrăising Increase your holiday nonprofit fundraising efforts through social fundraisers Generous Procrastinators Dominate in December! Holiday season after holiday season, December has been the single biggest month for charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations. Experienced nonprofits know this well, and typically double down their fundraising efforts during this period. 10% - of all donations came on the last three days of the year 30% Rest of The Year First 28 days of December (January to November) - of all online gifts are given in December 80% - of Donors give the larger gifts on average in December The above data is from a study conducted by Network for Good between 4th quarter 2012 and 4th Quarter 2013 How to Increase Nonprofit Fundraising in December? In the last decade, online giving has gained an increasingly prominent place in the fundraising plans of nonprofits of áll sizes. Among these nonprofits, social fundraising has emerged as a favored method of conducting online campaigns and for good reason. High Fundraising yields and increased donor acquisition are just two of the benefits social fundraising provides. Who Are Social Fundraisers? Social Fundraisers are nonprofit professionals, volunteers or peers who are very passionate about their work. Social Fundraising is a four-part process that uses a combination of social mårketing, e-mail marketing, blogging and direct donor outreach to: 1. Find donors who are passionate about your niche 2. Connect with them and show them why your organization is a perfet fit for them 3. Build their interest and trust until they're ready to make their first donation 4. Retain their interest long-term and empower them to effortlessly be your ambassador to their friends Why Use Social Fundraising • Each active social fundraiser (one that raises at least $1) brings in an average of $568 • Each active social fundraiser raises money from an average of seven donors • Of those seven donors an average of 4 will be new donors to the nonprofit Younger nonprofit supporters are often more willing to fundraise for a nonprofit than make a large contribution Donate Fundraise Donor Social Fundraiser More Donors In Addition to Social Fundraisers Here's a Playbook Nonprofits Can Use For This Holíday Season The Method The Complement your Holiday nonprofit social media cam paign with past Objective The Implementation Expand your reach and increase donations this Holiday season. and donors. present Follow the guides below, and you'll be on your way to launching a Successful nonprofit social media fundraising. Thank Yous! Don't forget to send thank you cards or gifts to donors. Nonprofit Holiday Campaign Strategy STEP Recruit your evengelist first. One No one likes to be first. It's important to build some momentum before you ask your broader list to start fundraising. This starts with your staff and moves on to your most ardent supporters who have a track record of going above and beyond when making an annual donation. STEP Explain the goals & be transparent. Two Create a specific goal for your nonprofit social media fundraiser campaign that is clearly displayed for all to see. Explain what the personal goal is and how the dollars will be used. Make sure your fundraisers include these details in their appeal to family and friends. STEP Create a sense of urgency. Three Setting a strict start and end date for your campaign can add a sense of urgency that motivates people to act. As the end date grows nearer, ramp up your communications to motiv ate supporters to hit their individual goals. STEP Ask for monthly recurring donations. Four Use the template e-mail that you create for your fundraisers to challenge them to ask for recurring donations. Recurring donors give more annually than one-time donors, and they also give over a longer period of time. STEP Set your social fundraisers up for success. Five This is your campaign, but your fundraisers are the ones doing all of the asking. Make sure you give them the tips and tricks of social media to maximize their success. When they win, you win. It will pay off to give them the guidance they deserve. Social Media Nonprofit Fundraising Campaing Schedule While every organization's campaign timeline will differ, here's an example of one that you can generate best results December 1 through 15 - Campaign launch & recruitment period: • Fous on getting as many new fundraisers as you can in this 15 day period. • Simultaneous laundh announcement through e-mail, sodal media, and your website. • Ramp up promotion through social media dhannels. • Get the press to pick up the campaign. December 16 through 31 - Engagement period & campaign end: • Fous on engaging the fundraisers that have signed up so far. Motivate fundraisers to hit their goal. • Personally readh out to fundraisers who haven't raised $1 yet. • As the end approadhes, inaease communication with adive fundraisers & move past inadive ones. SUN THURS SAT 9. 10 11 13 14 Wwinspire © 2014 Winspire Sources: Last 3 days of December

Increase Nonprofit Holiday Giving with Social Fundraising

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Holiday season after holiday season, December has been the single biggest month for charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations. Experienced nonprofits know this well, and typically double dow...


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