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Improve Your Credit Score, Improve Your Life

IMPROVE YOUR SCORE CREDIT UALDI I DUUAL IMPROVE YOUR 512 604 CREDIT REPORT LIFE 680 XXXX XXXX XXXX XX WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR CREDIT SCORE? The average US credit score is 24 million 693 According to 2006 Consumer Action study AMERICANS have no 27% credit file Three major credit bureaus: of Americans have Experian Equifax TransUnion never checked their credit WHERE DOES YOUR CREDIT SCORE FALL? Subprime 500-649 Imillion Americans 650-749 99.mi Prime Imillion Americans Superprime 750-800+ 12mit million Americans IS YOUR CREDIT SCORE WRONG? In FTC study 734 25% 13% 650 of reported errors resulted in a credit of consumers' credit reports had at least one error that could score increase negatively impact their credit score FTC estimates that between 20-42 million 8 million credit report disputes are filed consumers have erroneous reports that makes them look riskier to lenders than they actually are per year MOST COMMON ERRORS Inaccurate account information from credit lenders and CREDIT REPORT debt collectors Outdated information 680 Collections & charge-offs Wrong social security number GOOD NEWS Consumers file disputes CREDIT AGENCIES ARE FEDERALLY OBLIGATED TO ADDRESS A DISPUTE If you feel that a credit bureau has not responded promptly and fairly to your situation, contact the attorney general of your state or You may also sue any credit-reporting agency or creditor for breaking the rules about who may see your the Federal Trade Commission in credit records or for not Washington at 202-FTC-HELP. correcting errors in your file. WHY YOUR CREDIT SCORE MATTERS Applying for credit cards Applying for a job Renting an apartment Applying for loans House & Get the most Utility services Car insurance competitive interest rates 654 714 60 512 722 %24 587 604 Financial & personal identity protection (Use IdentitySmart) 601 5 IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE NOW Get your free credit report at Monitor & track credit report, including payments and due dates $. Dispute credit report errors Set up payment reminders Manage credit card usage Pay off and reduce Reestablish credit your debts history if needed TRY identitysmart Get a free self-background report, credit monitoring alerts and protection from identity theft. SPONSORED BY encouraging you to use to track & monitor your credit report now identitysmart Sources: report-errors.html lit *

Improve Your Credit Score, Improve Your Life

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March is Credit Education Month, so it's probably a good time to ask yourself: how much do you really know about your credit score? When asked in a 2006 Consumer Action study, over 27% of Americans sa...





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