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The importance of citation

Importance of using citation HERE ARE 6 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RESEARCH QUALITY ACCURACY In any writing, accuracy is crucial, especially when discussing science. The act of checking for a reference for verification serves as an accuracy check, for example, to double-check a direct quote, guarantee the faithfulness of a paragraph that you paraphrased, or to mention a similar study. ATTRIBUTION Many Details, like as precise page numbers, author name spelling, and, of course, the correctness of information presented in your own article or other work, go into proper attribution of sources. SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE A well-read and well-informed scientist will naturally have a large bibliography. If you failed to cite a work its show the that you lack of knowledge in the scientific profession CREDIBILITY For researchers, the role of a strong bibliography is to demonstrate a writer's credibility among peers in their profession. Your scientific colleagues will regard you as more credible if your research and ideas are well-documented. CONTENT QUALITY when the phrases, "everyone knows" or "they say," are replaced with specific sources, it removes the trademarks of intellectual laziness, hazy thinking, and sloppy writing, such as generalisations, clichés, and outright false claims, such as when the phrases "everyone knows" or "they say." VERIFICATION Before it is published in print or on the internet, any piece of scholarly writing is thoroughly reviewed and it willl be track down to the sources in the bibliography and ensure that the citations are accurate. Visit : EB

The importance of citation

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The benefit of using citation are Accuracy, scientific knowledge, credibility, content quality, attribution, and verification


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