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Identifying The Hidden Gaps In Your Productivity

IDENTIFYING THE HIDDEN GAPS IN YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Today's highly competitive business arena demands organization leaders to keep expenses to a minimum productive tasks. What would happen if leaders could help their employees reduce this number to 15 or even and, at the same time, increase productivity with fewer 10 hours a week? people. To meet this demand, many employees simply work more hours. Try the following steps at your next team meeting to find those hidden gaps or stress points that create wasted However, a Microsoft Personal Productivity Challenge hours for your team. First, hand each team member a survey found that 38,000 people from 200 countries stack of post-it notes and ask them to grade on a scale encompassing 29 different languages reported that of one to ten, five questions. Second, ask the following they now work an average of 45 hours each week, question and post the responses on the wall. but considered 17 of those hours as unproductive. Translated, two days of each week is spent in non- Finally, evaluate the scores and then take action. HOW WOULD YOU RATE THE EFFECTIVENESS OR EFFICIENCY OF OUR MEETINGS? Many times the facilitator of the meeting doesn't have a clear agenda. Respondents reported that they spent 5.6 hours a week in meeting. 69% reported that they felt the meetings weren't productive. Know what needs to be covered in the meeting and stick to those topics. 69%. DO YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO DO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS? Software may not be an issue for your team, the lack of the right tools at the right time requires team members to consume time either finding the tools or improvising a 55% of the respondents relate their productivity directly to software. -55%. make-do solution. DO YOU USE YOUR TOOLS TO THEIR FULLEST CAPACITY? 34% said they are using proven scheduling tools and techniques. Amazingly, many team members simply don't know enough about the tools and processes available to them. Ask your team members to share their best practices with 34%. the other members. HOW OFTEN ARE YOU INTERRUPTED 4. WHILE WORKING ON YOUR TASKS? While you don't want a "silo" effect in your organization, you don't want 43 continuous disturbances. Set time aside where employees can work uninterrupted. Our organization uses a simple sign posted outside our team members' cubicles that states, "Hold that thought! I will be available at (? Time)." Unless there's a critical issure we are not Workers receive an average of 43 e-mails per day. to be disturbed. HOW WELL DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES, THE ORGANIZATION'S GOALS AND MISSION? You might be surprised at how many of your team members may be unclear about why they matter to the organization. THE STUDY FOUND THE MOST COMMON PRODUCTIVITY PITFALLS ARE: • Unclear objectives • Lack of communication • Ineffective meetings • Unclear priorities • Procrastination Take time to talk with the members of your team to clarify their objectives, priorities, and the importance of their roles. CMOE partners with all types of organizations around the world to provide leaders and team members with performance solutions, training programs, research, and consulting services. Our mission is to help organizations achieve strategic success and build lasting partnerships in the workplace. Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness SOURCE: Microsoft Personal Productivity Challenge Survey

Identifying The Hidden Gaps In Your Productivity

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Try the following steps at your next team meeting to find those hidden gaps or stress points that create wasted hours for your team.




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