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The HR Tech Trends of 2019

Adviser Plus HR TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2019 From new innovations to new ways of thinking, the world of technology has the capacity to change the way HR is delivered. What's the state of play for HR technology in 2019? These key points sum up the current trends in the industry that you need to be aware of. THERE'S A SKILLS GAP HR departments face a challenge if they're to be able to capitalise on the state of technology in 2019. For our HR and The Digital Revolution eBook, we found: 6.85 10 75% 6% Respondents rated their own digital skills, on average, as 6.85/10 More than three Only 6% say quarters of HR professionals feel there is a talent their team are digital 'experts' shortage of digitally literate people in the industry Closing this can boost profitability. Organisations with the highest level of people analytics maturity saw average three-year profits that were 82% higher than those at the opposite end of the spectrum. 82% RECRUITMENT CAN GET QUICKER The average UK business takes: IIII 27.5 days to go through the interview process Spends £3,00o on the recruitment stage when hiring someone on the average salary By automating the process of screening, ranking and grading potential candidates, businesses can reduce human bias and also: 3. Cut cost per hire by 71% Make the process three times more efficient PEOPLE ARE WARMING TO THE IDEA OF AI People are starting to focus on the positives to be had from increased automation. When it comes to recruiting: 68% 66% 65% 65% felt automation 68% of people now believe automation would free recruiters up to do 66% said these workers would be positive for will be more efficient, productive, and innovative candidates. more advanced work In a survey of HR professionals, we found that 54.7% of people do not see the next wave of technological innovation as a threat to HR roles - and only 28% of people see Al and robotics as a threat. GDPR IS OUT IN FORCE General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in in May 2018 and by the end of August, data breach complaints had risen by 160%. Too many businesses still have overly complicated systems. According to IT Pro, the average large UK business relies on 24 systems to manage and store personal data - and one in five of them use more than 40 systems. VIRTUAL REALITY IS HELPING TRAINING VR is on the rise - with more than one billion people set to regularly access VR and AR content by 2020. Businesses are finding practical ways to use this. Examples include: Lloyds Bank gets candidates to use VR to show how they'd react, rather than simply talk it through. Walmart training staff in how to deal with Black Friday crowds. Jaguar Land Rover created a mixed reality app to set would-be employees a code-breaking challenge. NFL team Arizona Cardinals preparing for matches. Firefighters using VR to replicate realistic training Verizon training store managers to be able to deal with robberies. conditions without facing danger. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT TRANSFORMED HR departments face a challenge if they're to be able to capitalise on the state of technology in 2019. For our HR and The Digital Revolution eBook, we found: *** 86% 80% Tech can help to invigorate this process - with goal tracking, 360 reviews and Goal tracking, 360 reviews and A massive 86% of employers are unhappy with their current performance performance tracking fits a modern workforce - with 80% of Generation performance tracking delivering data that helps employee and employer alike. management system. Y preferring on-the-spot feedback to formal reviews. THE RISE OF SELF-SERVICE *** Big companies have already led the way on this - with Dell Self-service HR systems save 30-50% of a HR reportedly saving $2.5 million within 12 months of installing a self-service system. professional's time. FOCUS ON WELLBEING Employers in 2019 have to think about wellbeing. Healthy workers are, after all, more productive and less likely to be absent. A survey of health workers found Transport for London found obese workers Those with severe obesity (a BMI of over 35) take six days more. take an average of three more sick days a year than people with a 'normal' BMI. smokers are twice as likely to take time off work. Businesses are starting to appreciate the importance of promoting wellbeing but: Only 20% have a dedicated wellbeing manager Just two fifths of employers have a wellbeing strategy +AdviserPlus

The HR Tech Trends of 2019

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HR is evolving at an impressive rate, with the industry having woken up to the fact that technology holds the key to helping employees and employers get the most out of their relationship. This infog...


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