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How Your Sales Messages Affects Conversion Rates

HOW YOUR SALES MESSAGING AFFECTS CONVERSION RATES It is widely known that sales messaging affects conversion rates on e-commerce sites, but what works and what doesn't? Do button colors really impact sales? What can you change about your sales messaging to reach more customers and increase profits? SALES MESSAGING CityCliq performed a case study to find out which headlines were the most effective. The result: n/a ABSTRACT CONCRETE INTELLECTUAL EMOTIONAL "Businesses grow faster online! (original) "Create a webpage for your business" "Get Found Faster!" -20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% "Online advertising that works!" Conversion Rate % of Improvement chose a pure and direct representation of their product. earning them a 90% increase in 90% conversion rate 30-day free trial on all accounts: Sign-up takes less than 60 seconds. Pick a plan to get started! 30-day free trial on all accounts: Pay as you go. No long term Contracts. No hidden fees. No Surprises Start a Highrise Account Today: Pay as you go. No long term contracts. No hidden fees, No surprises 30-day Free Trial on All Accounts "Supremely useful","Exceeded our expectations", "Simply brilliant" ,"Beautiful & elegant"."Amazingly intuitive - our customers 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% INCREASE IN CR 375ignals used Google's Website Optimizer tool to rotate sales messaging on the home page of their website. The winning message was clean and to the point while playing on their users' sense of time: concrete emotional 37signals CONVERSION RATES & BUTTONS Sign Up t's Free Download Try Firefox 3 Now-Free Sign Upt "Free" How well does it really work? Soocial's conversion rate Using the word"free" Firefox SOocial ncreased by 4.2% just by adding "It's Free" conversion rates increased from 9.74 to 10.07% ADD TO CART BUTTON: ADD TO CART BUTTON: TEXT GRAPHICS Amount of times different button text is used by the top 100 Internet retailers Amount of times different button graphics are used by the top 100 Internet retailers * Buy: 2.7% A Buy Now: I.8% None: 48.2% Arrows: 17.9% A Cart: 14.3% Add to Cart: 58.0% Combo: 4.5% Add to Bag: 9.8% Unique: I.8% Add to Shopping Bag: 9.8% Add Item(s) to Cart: 1.8% Add to Basket: 6.3% Other: 4.5% Shopping Bag: 7.1% Add to Shopping Cart: 4.5% Plus Sign: 5.4% Performable had a 21% conversion rate increase when using a red button over a green button Out of III top online retailers 15% use red buttons RED VS. GREEN WINNER According to * Performable good button size is 225px by 45px STEPS TOA HIGH 45 px CONVERTING ORDER BUTTON 225 px I. Make the headline big, red, and bold. 2. Add a dashed red border to draw the eye in. Adding an arrow to the call to action on a button 3. Add a price drop (65% off works well). 4. An orange button with navy text has been proven by top online retailers to increase can increase CR by more than 20% response. 5. Navy text gives the feeling of trust. 6. Add a hyperlink below the button. 7. Credit card symbols establish trust and make the order button stand out. CREATE AN YOUR SESSION Do trust ACCOUNT TO HAS EXPIRED PURCHASE badges EMPTY RESET CART FORM work? had a 32% increase in conversions by adding a trust badge to the home page of their website. BETTER LEFT UNSAID Sources abspie teting to-refine your startups positioning 0inoie in coversion-ate AND CREATED FOR ZIPPYCART.COM http://hignalcomvenpoit1525-witing-dechiunshadine-tsts-on-the-highse-sgnup-page http:/ualwetsteoptmier.comple testing-blegabte-cestudy how tomagicalordnoed-convenion-ate-by 2 http:/d.ca2o1or0show we ond ourconvenionate by 72 http://blogperfomable.com31526233 6/7elements ofhigh-converting order-biton http//alwebcheopomioer.comiole teng blogido-trust adges on webstes work-uh ye3noaein conversions DESIGNED BY KILLER INFOGRAPHICS Azippycart %17

How Your Sales Messages Affects Conversion Rates

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This infographic provides information for online sales and marketing tactics. It shows the different buttons on an internet shopping site and shows which messages and buttons produce more sales and wh...


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