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How to Write Great Emails Your Customers Actually Want to Open

HOW TO WRITE GREAT EMAILS YOUR CUSTOMERS ACTUALLY WANT TΟ "OPE" An overwhelming amount of emails are sent out each day - 293.6 billion to be exact. And they're not slowing down. By next year, this number is expected to increase to over 306 billion. SO HOW DO YOU EVEN HOPE TO STAND OUT AMONGST ALL THIS NOISE? 1. UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERS As you've probably heard before, knowing what your customers really want is key to running a successful business. This will influence everything, from how you communicate with them, down to how you 2. ČREATE CUSTOMER PERSONAS Customer personas are about creating characters that represent different groups of customers, so you can understand them on a more personal level. This makes it easier to write emails, especially if you imagine you're writing to just one person - or persona. deliver your services, and what you actually offer. 3. TIMING IS EVERYTHING Delivering what your customers want at the right time is key to successful email marketing. Use all the information you've gathered from your customer research and customer personas to determine optimum email times. You can continue to refine this using the data you'll accumulate over time as well. 4. A GOOD SUBJECT LINE IS ESSENTIAL A good technique is to inject a bit of urgency or scarcity into your subject lines. World Data reported that by using urgency, businesses could increase their open rates by 39%. But don't overdo it. Customers will quickly catch on if you keep naming every offer 'exclusive' or limited time only' when it's not. 5. STAY FOCUSSED Each email should have one goal, and one goal only.Don't confuse your readers with too many options. Only give one offer, and one CTA. Think of your email as a guide to bringing your customer to take that one action. You want to make it as easy as 6. MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE possible for them to follow through. If you have something valuable to offer, don't hide it. So make sure every time you NEWS write an email, you write a great one. Make it your priority to be the one email that your customer actually wants to read. Because if you wouldn't click on your own emails, no one else is going to either. On That Note... It's time to start writing emails your customers actually want to open! Source

How to Write Great Emails Your Customers Actually Want to Open

shared by evanjavier1 on Aug 20
Want to write excellent emails to attract your customers? Do you want to write an email that your customer actually want to open? Well, these 6 tips will show you how to write like a pro. But remember...



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