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How Wasteful is Your Office?

Essential Lean How wasteful is your office? The Seven Wastes 8. Defects/Rework Inputting the same data into two places or missing information off a form Overproduction Producing too much, such as multiple versions of the same document Waiting Waiting for a meeting to start, a computer to start up or for customer information you need Transport Walking to meetings or travelling around the building to collect goods or meet with others Over-processing Printing out documents you Holding too much stock, such could read on screen or sending reports to people that never get looked at Inventory Motion as stationary or equipment that is never used or out of date brochures Getting up to go to the printer, look for files or heading to another area to complete a task Employee talent Spending time on menial tasks that can be outsourced, or failing to appreciate how their skills could be best utilised The Eighth Waste The Eighth Waste The Seven Wastes are an essential tool when it comes to implementing Lean in your organisation. They form part of an essential Lean toolkit. For more information about Lean tools and how they can help you, visit 100PCEFFECTIVE.COM PIKTOCHART.COM 100% Effective

How Wasteful is Your Office?

shared by 100pceffective on Jun 03
Introducing Lean to your place of work relies on having a clear understanding on the key Lean tools (and probably wider business improvement too) - but Lean Six Sigma examples too often show factory p...


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