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How To Use Technology To Maximise Productivity

MAKE THE M OST OF TECHNOLOGY FOR B OOSTING PRODUCTIVITY Dont Get Left Behind! As technology has advanced, workplace productivity has improved massively. In fact, technology enables us to be 84% more productive every hour than office workers in the 1970s. The 70s +84% Today This figure is a 480% hourly increase compared to 40 years ago and is expected to grow by a further 22% by 2020 as internet speeds and tablet usage increases. Below are a few tips to ensure you're using technology as efficiently as possible. HARD WARE At the Office... Connect a second monitor to .and you could get almost your computer; dual-screen 11 WEEKS monitors boost productivity more work completed by 20-30% on average... every year. On the Move... A webcam and mic (both usually built into modern laptops) will allow the use of video links for higher quality conference calls, meaning meetings can take place from around the country or even internationally - saving valuable time and resources on travel. Make the most of your Using a Solid State Drive (SSD) in your laptop can travel time by utilising the best software for massively boost speed, your laptop and smartphone. whilst reducing noise, heat and battery loss – and they don't cost ...... ..... a fortune. Ensure you have a portable charger/emergency battery pack for your phone so that you can give it much needed juice when running low. SOFTW ARE To Do Lists Using a to-do list gives you immediate clarity on the tasks you need to complete, the priorities that you currently have and a rough idea on time you can commit to each task. Keeping yourself organised will allow you to be a lot more productive on a daily basis. For to-do lists, project collaboration and team co-ordination, use: Liquid Planner Basecamp Trello Wunderlist Building, Sharing, Discovering For building, sharing and discovering knowledge (as well as jotting down ideas for later) with your colleagues, try: Evernote Cloud Storage & Sharing For cloud storage and the ability to share files with anyone far more quickly than by email, use: Dropbox Communication Ensure your team can always communicate with ease by using collaboration and communication software such Skype or Google Hangouts for instant messaging and video chat, and Yammer or Jive for more of a 'social network' feel; complete with messaging. y3 j Hangouts Skype Yammer Jive Recognition Use employee recognition software to keep morale and motivation high such as: Recognize Kudos YouEarnedIt WorkStride Workstars Further Productivity Use other tools such as Writer's Block to force you to keep writing until you've hit a desired word count without allowing you access to other sites/programs, or to ensure you've been working for a set period of time. WRITER'S BLOCK APPS Many of the above pieces of software also have smart phone apps to help keep you productive whilst out of the office, but there are also some smart phone and tablet-specific apps for mobile productivity alone. The best examples of these are: Mailbox Pocket This app allows you to blitz Find an article you want to read and then put it in your Pocket for later. Simple. through your busy inbox; helping you to quickly archive or trash unwanted email, or 'snooze' some emails so that they return to your inbox later in the day. ETTT IFTTT (If This Then That) The ultimate automation tool. Create 'recipes' or simply use some of the most popular out there to automate a range of daily elements; set tweets, send email reminders and more all without even needing to press a button. SwiftKey OmniFocus This powerful app helps split your You could save yourself thousands of key strokes every device up into work and play, month when using the helping to keep important SwiftKey keyboard, which has matters completely separate from advanced predictive text, the jokes your uncle keeps sending you at your busiest hours of the day. swipe input and more. SOCIAL MEDIA Social media platforms can be great for aiding communication between individuals, teams or even the whole company. Having access to social media platforms for personal use can also clear the brain of stress - known as giving it a "brain breather" - and allows you to be more efficient when working. Workers that have social media access are 9% more AAA productive on average than those that don't. Using sites like LinkedIn will allow easier in networking with those in other companies and give you another angle for communication or to drive leads. Having discussions and access to documents on an external platform in the cloud can allow seamless working out of the office, and eliminates the need for a VPN (Virtual Private Network). SOURC ES / / / / / / we Costless

How To Use Technology To Maximise Productivity

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Productivity in the workplace has risen massively over the past 40 years. We have taken a look at how technology and the internet have impacted these figures and how you can use technology to further ...


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