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How to Use Psychographic to Understand Your Market

How To Use Psychographics To Understand Your Market • Understanding how your prospects make buying decisions is halfway to converting them to customers Understand • Online shopping has changed. The more info you have about your audience, the better your marketing Changes • Create a profile of your "ideal customer" - the person who perfectly fits your business model Ideal Customer • 3 segments marketers use to define their target market: Demographic, Geographic & Psychographic Ds, Gs & Ps • Demographics = Statistical data representing your audience. Narrow down who you're marketing to. Demographics • Geographics = Information that tells you where your audience is buying. Geographics • Psychographics = Why your audience is buying your products or services. Comprised of many variables. Psychographics • Where is your audience in terms of their life? Are they struggling or are they highly successful? Lives • What does your audience value? Are they motivated by family? Does earning money drive them? Values • What is your audience's economic status and social Class class? • Social profile data is comprised of the fields social media users grant permission for brands to use Social Data • Behavior data allows you to measure and track how your audience behaves over time. Behavior Data • Lifestyle data is the gathering of info about people's values, beliefs, interests, and opinions. Lifestyle Data • Surveys and questionnaires are a useful and fairly easy way to begin gathering information. Surveys • A few one-on-one interviews with your best clients can help you create a profile. Interviews • Focus groups can provide information about a product, service or be asked about their psychographics Focus Groups • Explore web-based services and tools that you can use to gain information about psychoanalytics. Web Tools • Use your existing business analytics to dig a bit deeper into your customers' behavior. Existing Data • You can always hire a marketing firm to do the research and information gathering for you. Marketing Firms • Social media sites are some of the best sources for learning how your customers think and feel. Social Media • When creating your marketing content, your messages may need different language Language • Use your psychographic profiles when you're planning marketing channels and tactics Planning • Use different copy and different landing pages depending on who you're talking to. Sales Copy • Identify what you're going to measure and how you're going to measure it. Identify Metrics • Make sure you have systems in place to measure and track your success. Tracking Systems

How to Use Psychographic to Understand Your Market

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You’ve spent the time, energy, and money to gather all of the Psychographic Data about your target audience. What do you do with all of that information?


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