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How to turn your hobby into a business

Bored of whittle away the work day your job? Stan If you enjoy something and you're good at it, why not earn your living from it? Combine your passion with your day job and make a hobby-inspired living. dreaming Strong, successful businesses are run by people who enjoy doing what they do. Passion acts as fuel to stay motivated of time better spent? and cope with the demands of running a business. In order to build a commercially viable business you should operate demand is not enough. Business owners. HOWEVER... must understand the core needs of within a growing market with demonstrable demand. their market and how they can satisfy. these needs in order to create and sustain a competitive market. To start a business from your hobby you should: you Ensure the location is healthy in terms of market and hem competition. Stan's Sid Supplies! Ensure the competition is not too fierce make sure you RESEARCH the existing market. avoid unnecessary stress and prepare, prepare, prepare! Be prepared to contact associations that are relevant to 1<3 skiing your hobby. Ask them for statistics on growth/decline of the market in your area. 15 Stan's Ski Supplies Find a way to Consider a Unique differentiate Selling Point (USP) to gain a competitive advantage yourself from the competition ski supplies AND free massages! www. BUYS STAN'S SKI SUPPLIES * WE BUY STAN'S <3 STAN Keep your marketing Simple! STANS Don't overcomplicate things for yourself. Consider the characteristics of your target market and advertise to them simply. Engage them with effective design, unique offers and give-aways. And of course, utilise the internet and social media, Exceed expectations! Ensure excellent customer service; happy customers will spread the word, sending new customers your way, reducing your own marketing investment. STAN 12 XII be prepared to spend a great deal of time on growing your business DELEGATE ??!? rÎÎ?ÎÎn staff staff you Stan's Don't try to do it all by yourself Stan Chantelle's Chalet Partner with non-competing businesses that share your target STAN'S market. You can refer business to eachother. Well, there you have it! Our foolproof guide to making a business out of your hobby! cheaper the saving make it e make-it-cheaper in Ps. if Stan can do it, anyone can! @makeitcheaper makeitcheaper f is for busine

How to turn your hobby into a business

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Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about starting your own business? Turning your hobby into a business could be the answer to your predicament and it's also a fulfilling way to make a living. With...


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