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How to Trade Using the Features of Forex

UNDERSTANDING For many people, forelgn exchange Is Just a way of converting cash for a holiday. But behind that simple concept lles the single biggest financlal market on the planet with trillions of dollars In currencles bought THE FOREX MARKET and sold every single day. Such a vast and complex market can be difficult to comprehend, so let's try and shed a little light. HOW BIG IS THE A BRIEF HISTORY OF FOREX TRADING FOREX MARKET? 1971 Smithsonian Agreement 1996 Online Retail Platforms 2002 The Euro 2010 High Frequency Trading IN 2019. FOREX TRADING VOLUME EQUATED TO: The act Is credited with The Internet brought The world's second Average daily forex turnover € FX trading Individual reached $4 trillion in 2010, a biggest currency turned 15 earlier this creating the modern $5.3 o currency market. It : traders as well as 20% growth since 2007. The OR ended the fixed Institutions. AS year. EUR/USD, known increased activity was largely TOTAL TRADES €) convertibility of ten TOTAL TRADES due to automated electronic trading, where algorithms trillion technology grew as Eurodollar, Is now $1.2 major currencles Into US more sophisticated the most traded each day $220 $4 decide when to trade - with this section of the market grew dollar, and opened the trillion currency palr on the trillion little human interaction. billion door to a world of planet: with 23% of all floating exchange rates. exponentlally trades In 2016. per hour THAT IS EQUAL TO: Or the GDP of India, Italy WHO ARE THE BIG PLAYERS? WHERE IS FOREX TRADED? and Russia combined. Unlike shares or commoditiles, forelgn exchange trading does 5.3 Russia 1.2 30 days not require a centralized exchange. Instead, currencles are of trading on Daily forex traders exchanged directly between two partles – this Italy 1.8 known as an 10 banks the New York - 13% Citigroup over -the – counter(OTC) market. Stock Exchange India 2.2 handle over Banks may dominate 65% of all trading but plenty of (IN TRILLION US DOLLARS) forex trading: - 9% JP Morgan Individuals also take part. Retal FX provides enable There Is always a trading The three most traded more people than ever to centre open, enabling currencies are': get Involved In the forex forex exchange trading E 9% USB market, trading vla their to take place 24 hours a $4 87.6% Others 33% - desktop or moble phone. 8% Deutsche Bank Governments and central Morgan Stanley 3% banks also use forelgn 31.3% (€ The City of The forelgn exchange market 6% Bank of America Merrill Lynch London is the XTX Markets 4% exchange operates through global a world's largest markets network of banks located across HSBC 4% 6% Barclays 21.6% trading centre, to control trading centers In London, New 5% Goldman Sachs the supply York, Tokyo and Sydney. of currency within their "by share of total transactions. N.B. trading volume adds up to 200% because each accounting for own economles. currency trade has a pairing. 37% of all trades.

How to Trade Using the Features of Forex

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Forex allows traders to make larger profits than other markets relatively because it is a highly leveraged market. This means you don’t need huge investments amounts as you would in stocks, for exam...




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