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How storms affect businesses

Storms are one of the most dramatic sources of CAN YOUR FACILITY POWER THROUGH THE NEXT STORM? power problems impacting industry productivity, and their severity is increasing. Every unprotected line going into equipment, whether it carries power or data, represents a potential conduit for problems. Here are some alarming facts about the weather and its impact on business. $1 billion In 2011, there were a record number of weather and climate disasters that exceeded $1 billion (U.S.) in losses. 2 Each year, Americans cope with an average of 100,000. 10,000.r 5,000 floods; 1,000 tornadoes; .. thunderstorms of which are severe; •• and an average of 2 land falling deadly hurricanes. An estimated 10,000 manufactur- ing facilities were forced to close due to Hurricane Sandy. $93.5 billion Hurricane Sandy is estimated to have The total loss from Hurricane Ike caused between $30 billion and $50 billion in economic losses. in the manufacturing sector was more than $93.5 billion. $188B Top forecasters predíct The Weather Channel an above-average 2013 Atlantic hurricane U.S. industry loses up to season, with $188 billion each year 18 The Weather Channel due to equipment damage and names notew orthy storms to lost productivity caused by tropical storms forecast help raise awareness and power problems. " and four major drive storm season hurricanes, 10 preparedness. • ATHENA • BRUTUS • NEMO • ORKO • PLATO • CAESAR • DRACO • EUCLID • FREYR • GANDOLF • HELEN • ROCKY • SATURN • TRITON • UKKO • VIRGIL • WALDA • XERXES • IAGO • JOVE • KHAN • LUNA • MAGNUS • YOGI • ZEUS Recently, major weather- related power outages have increased from the average 5 to 20 per year during the mid-1990s to 50 to 100 per year within the last five years. A recent analysis of the Department of Energy database shows an increasing number of power outages Four that occurred between 1992 and 2010 power problems strike the were dominated by average electronic device every day 7 weather-related events. Sources: ' *, * & * ( *, * and Electric Grid Disruptions and Extreme Weather. See 7 * NWF_EnergylnfrastructureReport 4-8-11.pdf * 10 Newark elementi4 by for J: of data loss is caused 45% by common power problems.

How storms affect businesses

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How major storms across the USA affected business in money terms over the past couple of years.


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