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How a Sticker is Made [INFOGRAPHIC]

GO DECALS.NET How a Sticker is Made Polyvinyl Chloride Polyvinyl Chloride-PVC for short-–is produced by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Waldo Semon and the B.F. Goodrich Company developed a method of plasticizing PVC by mixing it with various additives. HENRI VICTOR REGNAULT He discovered PVC in 1835 PVC is made into flat sheets 北 长 A ...and then married to pressure-sensitive adhesive to make sticker vinyl. Sheets start out white, but can also be made clear or in a variety of colors, as well as thicknesses. The sheets are ready for customer orders If screen printing is selected, the film is run and a screen is burned with the film images. For digital orders, a graphic designer creates a file and then sends it to the printer best suited for the job. VS. Now, it's all about the small details and finishing touches. Most stickers are slit where the back liner of the sticker is scored to ensure easy removal of the liner and application of the sticker. If the sticker is die cut, it's cut in either our clam shell or plotter cut on our digital machine. Packaging & Shipping Once the stickers are shrink-wrapped and sent to our shipping department, the order is ready to be delivered. Once we verify the client's shipping address and any other last-minute information, off the stickers go. Stickers then quickly arrive at the customer's door, ready to be used immediately! Sources:

How a Sticker is Made [INFOGRAPHIC]

shared by GoDecals on Nov 23
The history and details behind the printing and manufacturing process of stickers is broken down in this infographic.


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