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How Social Are Fortune 500 CEOs?

Sponsored by ocial media is considered one of the most important Are Fortune 500 Sadvancements in the histay ol he imtemet an it CEO com CEOS Social? DOMO provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses. Below we explore how active Fortune 500 CEOS are on the popular networks, what the reasons for the shortage could be, and what that means for their businesses. 1 Fortune 500 CEO Social Activity PERCENTAGE OF CEOS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 70% OF ALL CEOS HAVE NO PRESENCE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS LINKEDIN in |25.9% FACEBOOK |7.6% TWITTER With the exception of LinkedIn, |3.8% the percentage of Fortune 500 70% BLOG CEOS on these networks 1.2% greatly lags behind the general public. This is most notable on Facebook, where 50.5% of the U.S.public is registered. GOOGLE+ 0.8% PINTEREST 0% 0% 10% 20% 30% A SURPRISINGLY SMALL NUMBER OF TODAY'S FORTUNE 500 CEOS PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL MEDIA. FORTUNE 500 CEO Anomalies B TWITTER OF THE 19 F500 CEOS CURRENTLY ON TWITTER, OF THESE CEOS HAVE TWEETED AT LEAST ONCE IN THE LAST 100 DAYS. ONLY RUPERT MURDOCH: MEG WHITMAN: JACK SALZWEDEL Rupert Murdoch is the most has only tweeted twice since has the most total tweets: active tweeter, averaging more than two tweets a day. see took the helm at HP. 237k followers. 243k followers. 1550 tweets. Rupert Murdoch will soon overtake Meg Whitman in Twitter followers. 245,00 • MEG WHITMAN • RUPERT MURDOCH 240,00 + HAVE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. Jun 04 Jun 05 Jun 06 Jun 07 Jun 08 Jun 09 Jun 010 Tomorrow f FACEBOOK NUMBER OF FRIENDS The CEO with the most LESS THAN 100: MORE THAN 500: Facebook friends: MICHAEL RAPINO, CEO of Live Nation 2 1,723 FRIENDS 65.8% CEOS in LINKEDIN of CEOS have not 25% 500 CONNECTIONS OR MORE updated their LinkedIn 7.8% with a current HAVE MORE THAN 10 CONNECTIONS company or title. 58.9% Sponsored by 10 CONNECTIONS OR LESS 41.1% DOMO O or 1 CONNECTION 27.9% Reasons Behind IF SOCIAL MEDIA IS A VITAL PART OF TODAY'S ONLINE EXPERIENCE, WHY DO SO MANY CEOS NEGLECT IT? the Social Lag THERE MAY BE SEVERAL REASONS FOR THIS: RISK OF SHARING THE WRONG INFORMATION. SOCIAL MEDIA SEEMS OVERWHELMING. ALL MISTAKES ARE тOо MUCH COMMITMENT TO JUSTIFY. MAGNIFIED. UNFAMILIAR WITH HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA. NO TIME FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. FEEL TOO OLD FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. Why it Matters Good for Customers A recent survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey shows that 50% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company after following their tweets. 50% Good for Employees ACCORDING TO A SURVEY CONDUCTED BY BRANDFOG OF HUNDREDS OF EMPLOYEES FROM A WIDE RANGE OF COMPANIES, MOST BELIEVE THAT A SOCIAL PRESENCE FROM THEIR CEO COULD HAVE NUMEROUS POSITIVE OUTCOMES. WHAT EMPLOYEES BELIEVE PERCENT OF RESPONDENTS A SOCIAL CEO WILL ENHANCE THE BRAND. 94% 93% HAVING A SOCIAL CEO WILL HELP CRISIS MANAGEMENT. COMPANIES WITH SOCIAL CEOS ARE MORE TRUSTWORTHY. 82% SOCIAL CEOS ARE BETTER LEADERS. 81% 78% HAVING A SOCIAL CEO LEADS TO BETTER COMMUNICATION, HAVING A SOCIAL CEO WILL MAKE IT EASIER TO RECRUIT. 78% A SOCIAL CEO's COMPANY WILL HAVE INCREASED PURCHASES. 77% HAVING A SOCIAL CEO WILL IMPROVE TRANSPARENCY, 64% Keep Up with Other CEOS PROJECTIONS FROM IBM INDICATE 100% 100% THAT CEOS MAY SOON TAKE HEED OF THESE BENEFITS AND RAMP UP THE SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS CURRENTLY, JUST WITHIN THE NEXT 3 TO 5 16% YEARS, THIS SHOULD BALLOON TO 57%. OF CEOS USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS. 3 to 5 Years While the majority of Fortune 500 CEOS have yet to pick up the pace in their personal social media efforts, current data shows that those who do are more likely to be rewarded with better engagement and loyalty at every level. Sponsored by CEO SOURCES: DOMO Research, Brandfog, IBM, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Socialbakers .com

How Social Are Fortune 500 CEOs?

shared by TheVisualizer on Jul 12
Do CEOs actually use social media? decided to find out. After searching for every Fortune 500 CEO on each of the major social networks, we got our answers. The infographic below captures just ...



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