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How Shipping Companies Get Around Paying Your Insurance Claims

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT REVEALS: ODANGER TO ONLINE POWER SELLERS HOW SHIPPING COMPANIES GET AROUND PAYING YOUR INSURANCE CLAIMS READ THE FINE PRINT. SUSPECT ONE SUSPECT TWO SUSPECT THREE This carrier limits the maximum de- clared value to $1,000 on a variety of items, including artwork, film/photo- graphic images, antiques, jewelry, furs, collector's items like coins and stamps, stocks, bonds and more. In other words, if you're shipping an antique lamp worth $5,000, you'll want to re- consider your shipping insurance through Suspect #1. Sure they offer shipping insur- ance.until you read the fine print and see that shipping insurance is not ac- tually INSURANCE and "real insur- ance" must be purchased through a 3rd party company. This carrier only provides declared value coverage, where the shipper must prove that the cargo was lost or damaged directly due to the carrier's negligence, navi- gating around the loopholes the carri- er wrote to benefit itself. Their policy shows exactly what quali- fies as a payable claim versus a non- payable claim - with over 30 situa- tions in which they won't need to pay the claim! With that many loopholes, chances are this carrier will be able to find some way to deny your claim, es- pecially if the shipper does not follow the proper forms and procedures! F. Shipments (packages or freight) containing all or part of the following items are limited to a maximum declared value of US$1,000: 1. Artwork, including any work created or developed by the application of skill, taste or creative talent for sale, display or collection. This includes, but is not limited to, items (and their parts) such as paintings, drawings, vases, tapestries. limited-edition prints, fine art, statuary, sculpture and collector's items. 2. Film, photographic images (including photographic negatives). photographic chromes and photographic slides. Any commodity that by its inherent nature is particularly susceptible to dam or the market value of which is particularly variable or difficult to ascertai atiques, or any commodity that exhibits the style orf e history, age or rarity contributes to its value. These items inc d to, furniture, tableware and glassware. Responsibility for Loss or Damage ablity for loss or damage to each Daletina t sed, the shipper agre ater than $100, orin Dor the shipment, or to package or internations100, except as domestic s limited to a valuethe UPS Source deciared value field on t the released Nonpayable Claims Indemnity is not paid for insured moil, Registered Mail, COD, or Expres these situotions: ment e of each domestic package or intemational shipment, or pallet nsportation, and that more than $100 for each domestic package or intern a. Evidence of insurance coverage not provided. ances b. Loss, damage, or have missing contents, thot occurred after delive hall not be lable for or pallet To increasel value field of the pay an additional Shpping System used able limits set forth De G8 limit of liability for loss or damage above $100, the shipper e C. Claim based solely on sentimental rather than actual value. d. Requested replacement value exceeded actual value at the time anc mailing. The contents of film (eg., positives, negatives, slides, transparencies videotapes, laser disks, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) pr computerized aial tomography re-creating these items, or the photographer's time and expense in ta photographs. Loss resulting from delay of the mail, exoept under 4,20 2. Pavable Mail Claim, and 4.3ad below. e fashion of a past in excess of S100 for each package or pallet in the declared value ment or the Automae eYcess of the maximuin excess of the decialed Dodunannot declare a va rEumstances for an When a shipper declares a value in Aing cargo insurance, al not be liable under a Sha ic package of aceive any formof innurchase such insurance from a third party. shipper ca any onal shipment, of nsurance. Shippers desiring luding but not limited to, signs, mirors, co elass, and any other commodi domes 0o. t does not re risk insurance, or another form of insurance should The rules relatingonal Cariage by An for the Unification o Relating to nemended, or the Conv, shall apply to the by the Convention for the Linification of Certain Rules Poland, on October 12, Cent that International to liability established ned at Warsaw, Poetain Rules for Inter emational carriage of a parts greed upon scan prints), the cost of creatin convention as ame Carage by A eis govemed thereby. There are no stopping poing places which a rng luhinmed clething and fur pelts cludieg but not limited to gold and silver bullion or dust platinum except as an integral part of electronic machinery tash letters or cash equivalents, including, but not limited to, food stames Inet collertiblel avler's checks lettery tickets, money h and gift certificates, prepaid calling cands lecluding the e for actiatieni bood coupong doe (Montreal, 28 May 1999). at the time of tens way deems appropriate. insofar as the Sder of the shipment, and reserves the right to route bieent in any v o those that ontial loss cloimed rather tthan the actual value of th tents froze, melted, spoiled, or deteriora ams such as cons, stamps, sports cards, sovenirs and memorabilia other musical instruments that are fhore than 20 years old, and nd or penionaled musical instruments hodels (including, but net limited to, architectural models and dolhouses elon, scarring, or scraping to TUMULTUOUS TRAVEL. If you're wondering what on earth your package went through to end up on your doorstep so mangled, Popular Mechanics' ran an experiment to find out. Using a custom device capable of measuring acceleration, orientation, and temperature, they packaged the device and shipped it on a 3-4 day tour of the U.S, trying out 3 “big brand" shipping companies. FLIPS SPIKES BRAND 1 37.0 BRAND 2 4.0 number of position changes per trip BRAND 3 12.5 3.1 2.0 0.5 average number of acceleration spikes of 6 g's per trip (aka: big jostles) BRAND 1 BRAND 2 BRAND 3 TEMPS high BRAND 1 low high BRAND 2 low low high highest and lowest temperatures per trip BRAND 3 TOP 10 REASONS YOUR Between 6-15% PACKAGE WAS DAMAGED OR LOST Your claim will most likely be denied if your package was damaged for any of the highlighted reasons?: of shipments by the "Big 3" miss their guaranteed delivery time, arrive damaged,or never arrive at all based on X EMPLOYEE THEFT X DAMAGE BY CARRIER EMPLOYEE X DAMAGE BY CARRIER'S MACHINERY X DAMAGE BY WEATHER EXPOSURE a study of complaints posted online.? X INSUFFICIENT PACKING MATERIAL OR SEALING OF BOX X EQUIPMENT FAILURE 1% X TRUCK, RAIL, OR AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT According to the "Big 3" themselves, their rate of lost or damaged packages is under X BAD WEATHER DURING SHIPPING X LABEL OBLITERATION/INCOMPLETE ADDRESS With roughly 3 billion packages per year shipped in the U.S., as many as 90 million are lost or damaged.? X SORTING OR ROUTING ERROR According to an experiment done by Popular Mechanics', packages receive MORE RAGI abuse when marked "fragile" or "This Side Up." X THEFT BY PERSON AT/NEAR DELIVERY ADDRESS 51,000,000 9,000,000 Google listings for complaints about damaged packages from the Big 3 shipping companies. Listings for terms related to complaints about damaged packages from the Big 3 companies. PACKAGING TIPS The best way to avoid your shipping insurance claim being denied is to package your item for shipping per the carrier's guidelines - or let the carrier package it themselves. 3 WRAP EACH ITEM SEPARATELY. EACH ITEM SHOULD BE SURROUNDED BY AT 4 USE PACKING TAPE (NO DUCT OR MASKING TAPE) OVER 1 USE DOUBLE 2. INTERNAL PROVIDE PLENTY OF WALL CORRUGATED BOXES WHEN POSSIBLE AND PURCHASE A CUSHIONING, USING ENOUGH TO FILL ALL VOID SPACES IN YOUR CONTAINER. 2 INCHES WIDE. LEAST 2-3 INCHES OF APPLY AT LEAST 3 CUSHIONING AND STRIPS USING THE NEW BOX PLACED 2-3 INCHES H-TAPING METHOD RATHER THAN FROM THE WALLS OF ON THE TOP AND REUSING THE BOX. BOTTOM SIDES OF ONE. MAKE SURE YOU ARE 8. NAMED AS THE PLACE YOU SHIPPING LABEL USING DO NOT USE WORDS 5. 6. ABBREVIATION OR 7. LABEL (WITH ALL THE CORRECT INFORMATION) ON THE MOST VISIBLE SIDE OF THE BOX, DESCRIBING PERSON'S NAME. Pany GmB VALUABLE CONTENTS. SENDER SO THE PACKAGE CAN BE RETURNED TO YOU IF THERE ARE ISSUES AWAY FROM FOLDS Country Code: US **....PZ WITH DELIVERING IT. 1 of 1 OR SEAMS. NCLOSE BHN - 300 642018 en30100 SOURCES ' 2 COPYRIGHT 2013 SHIPANDINSURE.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NOLLNELI 47.44'F

How Shipping Companies Get Around Paying Your Insurance Claims

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Investigative report on how shipping companies get out of paying your insurance claims.




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