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How To Set Up Merchant Account For Your Business

SWIPE4FREE NO PROCESSING FEES How To Set Up Merchant Account For Your Business A merchant account lets your business accept debit and credit card payments.Setup merchant account for your business, requires 4 steps of process;There are two ways to get a Merchant Account; both require that you enter into an agreement: 1. Enter into an agreement with a member bank that has a processing relationship with Visa and Mastercard. 2. Enter into an agreement with an authorized agent of the member bank, such as an independent sales organization or member service provider (ISO/MSP). It's important to think about how you want credit card Step 1 payments to work for your business. What types of credit card brands do you want to Determine how credit card accept? Visa and Mastercard are standard, but is it important for your business to also accept other card brands, such as American Express? payments work with your business How do you want to accept payments? Do you want your customers to make payments to you on your website? Do you want to be able to process payments on your mobile phone? Do you want to use a Virtual Terminal, or is it easier for your business to use an API to integrate into your existing systems to run payments? BANK Step 2 Compare merchant account providers Now that you have an idea of how you want the merchant account to work for your business, it's time to compare Merchant Account Providers. Some points you'll want to consider when selecting a merchant account include: Merchant Account Transaction Fees: There are two common types of fees for credit cards transactions, • A flat rate you get charged for each credit card payment that is processed. • A percentage fee based on the total amount of each transaction." It's important to consider the following factors: • Does the merchant account provider offer all of the software and payment acceptance options you need, or will you have to supplement with other providers and incur additional fees? • How much control over your customer's payment experience will you have? • Is the complete solution tailored to your type of business and easy for you and any other employees to use? Step 3 Setup Merchant' account For Your Business Since the member bank is taking on risk by enabling your company to process credit cards, you should expect a pretty comprehensive review process before you can be approved for a merchant account. When you choose a provider, here's what to expect in the merchant account for your business set-up process: The merchant account provider will require you to complete an in- depth application and you will need to provide a lot of information pertaining to your business model and finances. If you are a smaller business, you will also be required to provide personal information, undergo a credit check and provide a personal guarantee on the account. Step 4 Accept credit card payments The good news is that all of that work you and the merchant account provider did in the set-up process, will now pay off. You're approved for a merchant account for your business. Now what? Once your merchant account is set up, you will be ready to start Accepting Credit Card payments. If you've gone with a great merchant account provider this can be as simple as logging into a software product, entering your customer's payment information, and clicking the collect payment button to have the transaction processed and funds deposited into your bank account. Website: Phone : +1 (855)-345-0400 Email Id : .--------------- ------- ----------- - - - - ----

How To Set Up Merchant Account For Your Business

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Merchant Account will you help to set up credit card processing for your business step by step , In this way Merchant can understand the process going on


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