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How to Save Money on Direct Mail

Ways to Save Money on Direct Mail Part 1 It's been proven that direct mail (DM) pays its way when it comes to marketing channels, and companies are certainly not turning their backs on it, with the UK spend on direct mail being £1.75 billion 2017. Here's why it's still worth it... The average household receives 1.3 items The UK is the largest DM market in the EU of addressed mail each day Each item of addressed mail reaches After 1.2 people DM has a per household 28- „days 5.1% response rate.. 27% of mail is still within the household ...compared to email's 0.12% and is read 4.2 times DM delivers an average .. compared to online's £3.22 £3.12 ROI for every £1 spent. However, it's also works well alongside other channels... been proven that DM 92% of recipients have been driven to online activity 86% connected with a business online have been £££ £££ EE ££ 87% influenced to make online purchases And when compared to using just email, adding DM into the mix... .increased .increased website visits by purchases by 13% .increased COUPON REDEMPTION by 35% 21% So how can you make sure you're getting the most out of your DM campaigns? Our tips for saving money on direct mail... Know Your Customers Did you know... 65% 57% is opened immediately of addressed mail is opened Try personalisation 84% adding a makes your campaign stand out from NAME of consumers are more likely to generic marketing open a DM if it is personalised Tip: The more data you have on each customer, the better you “know" them and the more likely they are to take the required action from your DM campaign Mail them on special dates Birthdays Anniversaries Date they joined you, etc.. They'll appreciate that you remembered them and will be more likely to act Outsource Printing and/or Mailing If your DM campaigns are entirely (or even partly) produced in house, there may be ways you can cut costs... Printing and fulfilment of DM campaigns involves machinery, which can cost you in terms of... Resources (staff required to run the machines) Space Raw materials Power (paper, ink, packaging) consumption Tip: Outsourcing the production of your campaigns to a dedicated print or mailing house could be the answer to making some long-term savings Mailing companies send out thousands of items per day, so you can benefit from that! Look for Discounts and Compare Prices Look for ways you can get discounts, on... Printing For larger print runs, you may be able to get a discount You could save up to 30% on print costs if you do! PRIORITY Postage PRIORITS Bulk mailings can get lower rates, utilising postage discounts such as: LOW RATES PRIOR * Advertising mail * Responsible mail PRIO - using relevant address lists O - using environmentally friendly materials * A wide variety of applicable incentives PRIORIT PRIORITY There's a wide range of mail carriers operating today. Find one you can trust and they will be able to help you utilise all the best discounts available to you for each of your campaigns. ! Tip: This will vary from campaign to campaign, so it's always worth doing your research! While some have declared direct mail dead, it's far from it! DM can and does perform brilliantly, even in today's digital age, and it can even help boost your digital channels. So stay tuned for part 2, where we look into design, getting the right data, and the importance of testing your direct mail campaigns. Sources: CITIPOST MAIL Smart mail management 興

How to Save Money on Direct Mail

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Thought that direct mail marketing was dead? Think again. Direct mail is still an effective marketing method that works alongside social and digital media. In this infographic from Citipost Mail, they...


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